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    how to edit with reasonable performance

    Well, I did a few tests, including some comparisons with VLC media player Here's my work flow: I began with yesterday's jeopardy show, using kmttg, downloaded from my tivo, it's 1.5 gb, exporting the tivo's add skip data to a .VPrj file, VRD created a 1 gb file (19:37 length). Sending this...
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    how to edit with reasonable performance

    VRD support answered: I put keyint=30 into the handbrake video tab, extra options and re-coded my files. This works. It does make the video somewhat longer, but I can always re-code later without this option and not lose any noticeable quality. Navigation is back to what I have grown to...
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    version 5 installed, looking to try beta, some questions

    I see in the post by Danr that is says, If you're running TVSuite V5 (or earlier) TVSuite V6 will not interfere with your current installation. So, would I simply download the .exe listed in the post " TVSuite Version 6, BETA - download " VRDTVS-6-4-86-792a.exe. So, just download and run...
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    how to edit with reasonable performance

    Force IFrame seek after(secs) was already at 0. I've simplified the test case, I don't have to join any files. While I generally edit files in a ram disk, I get the same performance when the file is on my system ssd. My i7 is a 4790k running at 4 ghz on windows 10 64bit. Just to be clear about...
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    how to edit with reasonable performance

    v (Here's a smaller one, just 3 files, joined) btw, I cannot load these together using combine, only join File: Name : A:\files\Jeopardy - 04-09-20 (02) (02).mp4 Size : 0.708 GB...
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    how to edit with reasonable performance

    I'm trying to edit an mp4 file but the performance is so slow it's impossible. I recently recorded 5 shows from jeporady on my tivo. I transfered them to my computer, a win10 i7 with 24g ram and a 14 gig ramdisk. I used vrd to edit out the ads, then converted them to smaller mp4 files using...
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    tivo files as .ts when played back in vlc show 0 length using kmttg

    When I use the kmttg program to transfer files to my computer, and run vrd quick fix, it's now creating a .ts file that the VLC player thinks is zero length. It plays, but I can't skip forward or back. I have to chose a profile that re-codes the file in order to get it to come out correctly...
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    video does not display correct in main edit window using position control

    I have some video files from my security DVR. The lower resolution files do not display correctly when using VRD while moving the little position slider. I turned off the deinterlace checkbox under playback devices in options and it works better, but then only when using the arrow keys. Moving...
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    cut list - mouse cannot select multiple items w/o using keyboard

    In previous versions of vrd, I could move the mouse to the cut list, click on an item and hold it down and move the mouse to select multiple items. This was especially nice to do a quick select all using the mouse w/o needing to use the keyboard. Now, I can not do this, and have to use the...
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    joiner dialog box opens behind windows, any workarounds?

    I believe this is a problem in windows 7,8, and 10, but since it happens to me with videoredo all the time now, I wonder if anyone has a workaround. The problem manifests itself when I open an explorer window, select a number of files and drag/drop them onto the videoredo main window. This...
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    how to remove extra beta versions

    I had a problem that was solved when support sent me a link to an alpha version. I now have 3 versions on my system. Each of the 3 has it's own folder in "program files(86)" and each has a separate start menu folder. However, each appears to share the registry entries and also the application...
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    can't load nighowl dvr videos that have no audio

    I have a nightowl security dvr that can transfer.avi files which on most channels have no audio. VRD gives the below error on all but the one channel that has audio. Is there a way to get VRD to ignore that error and load the file anyway? I want to use the joiner on these files. These files...
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    upgrade from v4 on xp to laptop with win 10

    I was looking at upgrading my version 4 tvsuite product on my desktop computer. However, I see that the requirements no longer support windows xp. Can I buy an upgrade (at a discount) by moving to my newer laptop that runs windows 10 (64 bit)?
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    avi from fujifilm to mp4 w/ handbrake, won't load

    I have a fujifilm finepix that creates .avi files. These won't load into vrd. And so I converted them to .mp4 using handbrake. VRD still doesn't like them. VLC has no problem with these. Any suggestions? Here's the logfile 2014-08-23 16:19:04 Log file cleared, previous file renamed to...
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    Ad detective only uses 2 cores

    Some time back I got a speed boost when VRD began using multiple threads for ad detective. However, when I upgraded to a 4 core cpu, I found VRD ad-detective still only uses 2 cores. Is there a way to get it to use all 4? Now that I've got an HD tivo (roamio) I find that processing much larger...
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