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    Shortening MPEG-2 GOPs

    I've been recording my favorite events from the Summer Olympics in Rio. My intention is to create a blu-ray compilation. I transfer the recordings from my TiVo Premier to my PC using kmttg. Next, I open the MPEG-2.tivo files in VideoReDo TVSuite v5, I edit out the commercials, etc., and I save...
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    Major Recode Required when joining Android files

    I shot 3 short videos (each is less than a minute long) in succession with my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S5). I changed no settings between videos. I wanted to remove unnecessary footage from each file, and then join all 3 together. I created a separate project for each video. When I use the...
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    Missing audio on video file transferred from TiVo

    I recorded a TV program on my TiVo Premier XL. Playback on the TiVo to my TV is perfect. I transferred the program to my PC using kmttg (as I do with hundreds of programs), then I opened the file with VideoReDo TVSuite v5, and there is no audio. When I look where I would normally see the visual...
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    Major Recode Required ?!?!?!

    I transfer TV programs from my TiVo Premier-XL to my PC using the TV Desktop software or kmttg. I then edit the parts I want using VideoReDo TVsuite v5, and I save them as MPEG-2 Transport Stream (*.ts) files (suitable for authoring to blu-ray). Usually, when VideoReDo is saving the file, I'll...
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