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    TVSuite V5 - Keeps Crashing

    Everytime I edit H.264(MP4) it edit part of the video and then crashes. I went back to version 731 and no issues.
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    Changing the Interface Colors?

    How do you change the interface color for V5? I went through the install setup quickly didn't notice the other colors, I want to switch to another one. Where is this option located at?
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    Wrong FrameRate during output

    The input file is 1080P at 59.940 FPS. I encode using H.264 with MKV container the framerate is now 59.880 FPS. Anyone know to correct this issue or force the video to 59.940? Input: File: Name : D:\1080P.Test.ts...
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    Transporter Stream Option?

    It may just be a oversight by me, Where is Transporter stream option at? It's was tools -> options -> transporter Stream. I need to change the output mux rate for my TS files. Since I'm having underflow issue due to high bitrate.
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    Videoredo and Elgato Game Capture

    Having issues using Videoredo when using Elgato Game Capture. I was wondering if someone could help me out or point out what needs to be done. I'm trying to re-creating everything I know from memory since I no longer have the video file. 1. Video file was one Hour in length. 2. Video file was...
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