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    Sign here for transitions/ fades

    OK- this is an attempt at people power. I'd like everybody who would to see fades and transitions introduced into VRD to simply sign here. Sporadic posts on this topic, however heartfelt, don't seem to build up any kind of momentum....usually tailing out with a wishy-washy...
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    SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin

    This may be useful for a few people on here. It's a Giveaway of the Day freebie- so it's only available for 24 hours: There's a how-to on the program's website:
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    Beta hunting

    Would it be possible to include a link to the latest beta in the 'latest beta' postings that Dan makes? Is there some reason there isn't a link? How do you download the latest beta?
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    Beta versions

    Hi, This is my first visit in a while and I'd just like to ask how to download the latest Beta. Whenever I try to access the Beta page I get a 'Forbidden..' kind of message. Thanks.
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    Mpeg4 editing (2)

    I've come across a frame-accurate mpeg4/avi editing tool that I'd like to share with all VideoReDoers. It's called avidemux ( ). It's freeware and handles all mpeg4 streams (as well as opening and converting to mpeg2). As with VDub, it doesn't install, it just...
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    Mpeg4 editing

    While we wait with crossed fingers for mpeg4 editing to be incorporated into VRD, would anyone care to comment on this: It's a lot more user-friendly than VDub alone and seems to be more accurate in it's cut-points (that VDub uses) too. It's...
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    AVI Editor

    Can anyone suggest a decent AVI editor to use until VRD supports it? Single-frame editing capability would be nice.... Thanks.
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    New Aspect Ratio?

    Hi Dan Is there any chance of an Aspect Ratio of 14:9 being added to the Options when Saving? The reason being I have a widescreen TV that either shows the movie in 4:3 (too small) or 16:9 (too stretched). I usually have to encode movies twice (if the original broadcast was in 4:3) to get the...
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