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    Lastest Version Download Link?

    Is the pro version installer the same a TVSuite? I see a new version of TVS on VideoHelp but could not find the download link to the latest pro version.
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    Strean analysis

    I have requested this feature before and as I recall the response if at all was that it is not a priority. This feature is implemented in DVR Studio HD-a german editor designed for editing recordings from STB's. I have both VRD and DVR Studio and it is 1 feature I like which it has but VRD does...
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    VideoReDo Professional?

    I noticed there is a more sophisticated version of VRD for broadcasters. Is this avaliable to us also (minus the astronimical commercial price tag which companies just write off as a business expense but the typical consumer cannot do)?
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    VRD 5 Beta - Timing/Features?

    When can licensed users of 4 expect to be able to try the VRD 5 Beta which has been mentioned in some posts here? (Just asking approximately) What are the new features planned? What will the upgrade cost be for current users? Please tell us there is an OSX version planned (very doubtfull though...
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    V5 Feature Request - Stream Error Indicators Shown Graphically On Timeline

    To the developers of VRD I would like to request 1 simple, easy to implement feature which is for some sort of visual indicator on the video timeline for where stream erros are found so users can quickly move to that timecode and see what kind of error it is. This feature is implemented in DVR...
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    Add Stream Error Indicators To Timeline

    Dan, One feature I like in DVR Studio is that it graphically shows where it finds erros in the transport stream on the timeline. Since VRD surely scans the ts...
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    Editing DVD Which Does'nt Contain Audio?

    I have a DVD of old silent loops which I tried editing earlier today and because there is no audio track, VRD would not save as a transport stream. I'm not 100% sure that the DVD is DVD Spec compliant, yet players have no trouble playing it back, its just VRD expects an audio stream it seems...
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    95GB File?

    So, the other night while capping CBS Prime Time, I forgot to stop the recording and thought it was scheduled and not a manual recording, and went to bed to wake the next morning to notice TSReader was still running. I had thought Oh great my workstation became unresponsive and a windows reboot...
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    VRD causes Horrible blocking!

    I have a cap in which VRD caused horrible blocking at the program intro. Moving the in position to an I frame rectifies the problem, however I then end up with a bit of a letterman commercial. So it seems VRD's encoding messed up the intro with unwatchable blocking. I've not seem this before...
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    Explorer "Open With" context menu.

    I have 3 versions of vrd installed tvsuite latest, and plus 3501 & 6512. My open with context handler lists 4 vrd options, all called "videoredo" to choose from. I only want 6512 listed. How do I delete the other 3 listings. This is for vprj files associated with vrd.
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    Smart stitch feature?

    I catured 2 episodes of Lost last night and broke them up into 2 seperate ts's with about 10 minutes of overlap. Lets say recording 1 was from 8-9:05 and recording 2 was from 8:55-10. I loaded both into VRD and selected the combine option. Both episodes were off the same source-QAM. The...
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    Running batch manager & gui concurrently?

    Can I run the batch manager to output ts's while using the gui to create project files? I mean concurrent use or running multiple instances of vrd?
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    Combining Tivo files doesnt work

    I transferred carpoolers and dancing with stars off the S3 tivo, both recorded off OTA. Part of carpoolers is in the DWS file, so I tried to just combine them, however all I get in the timeline is the first file. Doesnt combine work with tivo files? (these are HD streams)
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    Splicing together transport streams

    I have the same show recorded off both QAM and ATSC. Each has an error in different parts. Lets say the QAM recorind has an error between the last commercial break and ending credits, while the ATSC capture is perfect there. I want to save this ATSC section to a new file and open that...
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    Shifting all edit points simultaneously?

    I would like to know how I can take a set of edits, and move them around together. Lets say I have 2 captures. One ATSC, and the other QAM of the same show. I create the edit points for the ATSC capture and now I want to use this project file but substitute the ATSC capture for the QAM...
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