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    SaveJoinerAs in COM script doesn't appear to work right

    I created a script to add a short section of black frames to the end of a file. I first created a 15-frame section of black frames as a .VPrj file. When I use VRD manually, first adding my test file to the joiner, then the black frames, it produces a .mpg file that plays fine. When I use the...
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    Error in COM script

    I'm trying to write a script using your COM routines. I get an error when I use this statement: VideoReDo.SaveJoinerAsEx( args(1), 1 ) The error is: Cannot use parentheses when calling a Sub Code: 800A0414 Source: Microsoft VBScript Compilation Error When I use instead...
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    Editing Exisiting (cut) Selection

    When I want to edit the start or end points of an existing cut selection, because they're not in quite the right places, I can edit the end point fine. I select the selection by double-clicking on it, little black brackets appear at the start and end points of the red section on the timeline, I...
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    AdScan disappeared again

    Running VideoRedoPlus Today (August 1) AdScan disappeared. Did it expire accidentally?
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    Saving joined projects

    Is there a way of saving a set of joined projects as another project? I'm running Plus build 374. If not, could I make a suggestion that this be added?
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    List of all shortcut keys?

    Is there a current list off all the shortcut keys for VideoReDo Plus? The section of the help file that lists them isn't up to date (or at least it doesn't seem to be). I assume this is because Plus is sitill a beta product, and this is fine. In particular, are there shortcut keys for the...
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    Batch Manager Questions

    In the batch manager, there is a selection for "elementary streams". To make the program output elementary streams instead of a multiplexed mpg. After several tests, I finally figured out that you had to check this box BEFORE you added any files to the batch manager! Is this an intended...
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