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    Adding in/out points just prior to rendering

    Lets say that you had 5 in points & 5 out points and just before you render out a new file you decide you want to add a 6th cut but you wanted to add it say between the 1st & 2nd in points. Can you do this without staring over as a new project?
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    Adding in/out points just prior to rendering

    I had a long video file on the PC & had selected all of my in/out points and was at the point of telling the program to render out a new file when I decided to go back to very early and delete a scene that decided I didn't want in final video. Is there any way to add in/out points at this...
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    Picture Breaking up

    I have had quite a few programs that I recorded on my PVR where the picture have broken an awful lot. I have opened them in VideoReDo and ran the quick stream fix but the result of this usually ends up saying that thousands of fames have been dropped, which means that the files are still...
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    Should I be trying to crop these types of files to reduce file size?

    When a station broadcasts a program in HD 1920 x 1080 I just knock out ads and save or if I'm unlikely to want see it again at it's best resolution I will recode it down to SD 720x576 H264. I'm now starting to see some programs that were shot in 4x3 AR being broadcast in HD. Are there file...
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    Get chapter merkers into media file?

    I know that if I'm making a DVD I can save chapter markers at cuts & or at regular intervals. Can these markers be incorporated into a file that is just being saved as a media file, like one adds are knocked out?
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    No audio but just in VRD

    I had a Windows 10 pro 64 bit update & lost all audio. I now have audio in all programs except VRD ,lke VCL player & iTunes etc. If I go CTRL L it tells me that I have audio. Where do I look to fix this? See clip
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    Trim & just add chapter markets?

    Is it possible just to take an MPEG2/4 broadcast file, trim it, add chapter markers & then output selection with original subtitles & added chapter markers, so that it will play with these feature in programs like VCL player? If so would this effect the the video quality?
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    I can't use save audio only option

    I have a video clip which CTRL L tells me the codec was LPCM & original codec was WMAV2. I have been trying to save audio only but nothing happens. Can the program do this or not & if so how? Version
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    Getting VRD processed files to play on media players with subtitles?

    I can copy any recorded video file from either of my 2 PVCR's a Beyonwiz & Topfield easily since they are connected via a cat cable. I can then knock out adds & output as a TS file that will play on the PC with titles. Unfortunately this same file won't play on most media players unless I...
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    I can't see these titles

    I'm confused about Titles when I use VRD. I can take recording off the air & open it in VLC player & under tools I select codex & then I do the same file in VRD look at file by going CTRL L. I'm uncertain that this information agree with one another or not. In any event I can't get these...
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    Hide some Rendering options

    Is it possible to hide the number of options for rendering when I use the save as command? I would like to hide the options that I'll never use? If so how is this done? I have used the batch rendering facility which worked OK. But unless I missed it I didn't see an option for the program to...
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    Will VRD preserve subtitles on DVD created from off air recordings?

    I can record of air MPEG2 TS stream that have subtitles of some flavor which I can see in VRD & even preserve these title when I render out as a H264 TS files. If I was to import a few of these files in the same format & were to save it either as a MPEG2 DVD file will the preserved titles...
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    Quickstream Fix trimmed a 1 hour video to 28 minutes

    My Topfield PVR has little add on's called taps that allow you to add extra features. They recently improved a moviecutter tap so that it could do cleaner cuts. I had used it before then could import it into VRD TV Suite where I could save it or edit some more. To do this I usually had to do...
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    What is this error about?

    I found the latest version that I was unaware had been released & tried it out & got this error. What does it mean & how do I fix it? "2016-03-21 09:10:36 Image support lib: 8.0.1 (r40318), ippVC SSE4.1/4.2 (p8)+ 2016-03-21 09:10:37 Decoder support lib: 8.0.1 (r40318), ippVC SSE4.1/4.2 (p8)+...
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    Recode keeps failing log included

    I'm trying to re code a MPEG2 ts stream with subtitle to a smaller size. I understand that this is possible by using the H264ts template. Each time that I try the program crashes. I have included the log from my attempt below. I notice that the default audio settings for this for this...
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