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    VRD crashes when editing converted avi

    I have a geovision generated AVI file, which I run through a program called "Any Video Convertor" to convert to mpeg. VRD reads the file in ok, but when I try to save edits or try a Quickfix, I sometimes get a VRD crash. In all cases, a file of 0 bytes is created. VRD shows the 'results' window...
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    Videoredo won't run anymore!

    Hi, I get the fol. message when I try to run the program: Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version File "MPEGEncoderDLL.dll", error 998 I am running Win7 Peter
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    Using VRD to re-encode for Tivo S3 HD.

    Hi Dan/Pat, I have a Tivo Series 3 HD and I am just learning how to transfer files from the PC to it. I have suceeded by re-encoding my USB Tuner HD files into MPG. These copy over and play ok. I had tried (obviously first) to re-encode as a 'tivo' file, but the resultant export did not play...
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    Show Program Information Info

    When I look at the program info, using Ctrl L, I get the 'dimensions'. Now the program is definately not HD, yet this shows 1920x1080. My TV tuner also shows the same numbers in it's info display. So I'm guessing that the broadcast (OTA) is in HD, yet the program itself is not. Is there a way to...
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    Autumnwave OnAirGT Tuner

    I was happy with my old PVR-150, but needed to move to HD, but I have now given up on the Hauppauge tuners, due to wintv's constant crashing, no matter how much I clean-up my system and re-install. I get crashes when recording using the HVR-850 & 950 usb tuners. So I ordered an OnAirGT tuner...
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    VRD causing WE to hang??

    Here's something that seems to happen after I have used VRD to edit/save a file. I have Explorer open (usually all the time). When I click on a folder to open it (show files in rught hand payne) I get a blank payne, and an hourglass. It will not display properly, and when I close the window, I...
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    Questions asked after an install of an update

    This always bugs me, so now I'm gonna finally bitch about it :wink: VRD remembers all your previous defaults EXCEPT for the "when do you want to check for updates" and "Do you want to view the readme file" I'm guessing that these are not stored in the registry like the other settings. There...
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    Using Audio Sync tool

    Hi Dan, When using the audio sync tool on a file that has no edits, I forgot to remove the selection that I used to test and set the offset! When I saved the video, that piece got removed. A better, safer way to avoid this problem would be for VRD to not allow a save while this tool is...
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    Editing VOB's with VRD

    When I used DVDlab to create VOB's (each is less than 1gig), I found that the sync is off progressively worse. My source is 5 individual shows that I input into DVDlabs to transcribe the audio from 44 to 48 Khz (from svcd) I built the dvd, with menus for the start of each clip, but the vobs...
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    SVCD Mpeg File To DVD?

    Hi experts! I have some 'Prisoner' episodes that are in NTSC SVCD - ie. they are mpg's, 29.97 and 480x480. They wouldn't run in WMP properly (hang after a few secs) so I used VRD to quickstream them. Now I want to convert them to play in my home DVD player. I tried using MF3, but even though...
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    Log file directory problem

    Hi Dan, Now that the program resides in a new dir. (VideoReDo-Plus), I decided to delete the old directories. I didn't do a 'proper' uninstall, but the "Remove Program" feature under Control Panel in XP does recognize that it was deleted and prompts you before it auto-deletes the entry from...
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    Beware of corrupting mpegs during capture!

    Hi all, When I record from the PVR-250, I usually try to leave it undisturbed, except for some forum browsing, emailing or text editing etc. I am even able to work on some circuit board design, using a high end capture package. My recordings turn out fairly uneventful. However... I also use...
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    A.D. deletes first marker of commercial block

    This just started happening (build 355): AD scans a section of video, correctly locates the beginning and end of a block of ads, marks the block, but then deletes the first marker. It leaves the last one in, but I have no way now of jumping (F5/F6) to the beginning of the block, only the end...
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    Build 335 Issues

    Dan, The new "Jump to Previous Cut" button doesn't seem to work. I can "Jump to Next Cut" ok, and I can loop in a clockwise direction, but not the other way. Also, I can't see how the Preview Lead In works. It doesn't work with the above buttons or F5 & F6, as the cursor always goes to the...
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    Found a decent Combo VCR/DVD Player

    Hi folks, Thought I'd share my findings, in case anyone else is looking for the same thing. My old Apex was always having trouble reading some of my RW dvd's, and the remote sucks! So off I went on the quest to find a combo player. (May as well replace the VCR). Took some discs with me to...
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