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    Has v5 fixed the 3.2 bug where audio stream burned does not match stream selected ?

    File | Open Title from DVD | (select dir containing DVD files) | DVD Title Selector | Audio Stream More often than not, on a multiple-language DVD, the app will select something like French or Spanish even though the user selects something like "0x80 - AC-3/6ch/English". Has this been fixed in...
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    Does v4 Do .M4v?

    I've got 3, but my editing use is so simplistic that I never thought about upgrading to 4. Now I'm in a situation where I would like to edit .M4v files directly instead of having to transcode them to .MPG first. Somebody in the HandBrake forum suggested that VideoReDoTVSuite v4 can open .M4v...
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    Converting .M4V to .MPG?

    Some of my DVDs are foreign-language and the only tool that I know of to burn subtitles into a video file is "HandBrake". But HandBrake only creates .M4V files and VideoRedo, AFIK, only does .MPG. I found something called "WonderShare", but it only transcodes .M4V to .MOV and I'm not in love...
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    How To Author DVD From Multiple .MPGs?

    Not concatonated: A separate menu item for each .MPG. Been trying the Help file, but can't get to first base. It talks about creating a "Project", but my "File" dropdown does not seem to support new projects - only opening existing ones. Can somebody point me to a blow-by-blow example?
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    Language Issue: Fix?

    Is the bug where VideoRedo TVSuite sometimes selects the wrong language ever going tb fixed? Or is v3 dead?
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    Change Aspect Ratio?

    v3.2. I've got a DVD in the form of hard disc files that is at an incorrect aspect ration of 4:3. I can play it with VLC Media Player and tell VLC to change the ratio to the desired 16:9 and it looks OK. But I want to convert it to a .MPG file at 16:9. I've looked, but cannot find anything...
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    How To Remove Audio Streams?

    I am trying to join 6 .mpg files - having failed to join them as .VOBs. V4 abends when trying to convert the third file from .VOB to .MPG. Having read that .VOB was mostly just a wrapper around MPEG, I tried a workaround of just renaming the .VOB file to .MPG. Problem is that when I try...
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    Validating .VOB ==> .MPG Conversions?

    I'm in the process of converting hundreds of server-based native DVDs (i.e. .VOB, .IFO....) to .MPEG. So far, I'm validating each conversion by: Verifying that the language is English by listening to a few words here and there Scrolling to the end and checking for the film's "The End" or...
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    Getting Wrong Language Sometimes

    Re-ripped 80+ DVDs from DVD format on disc to .MPG using VideoReDo TVSuite - Nov 15 2010. When I went back to check, I found that 12 of them had the wrong language (French or Spanish instead of English) Upon re-ripping several, I verified that "DVD Title Selector | Audio Stream" was...
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    Create DVD Folder/Files By Putting Together .VOB Files

    I have ripped a DVD to disc - AUDIO_TS folder and .VOB files. Now I want to create another DVD - complete with a menu - from some, but not all of those .VOB files. My agenda is to take a movie DVD and create a copy on disc - including any "Extras", but without the advertisements and trailers.
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