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    758b outputs wrong bitrate

    V 758b is not following the selected profile bitrate, profile says 6363, logfile says 'Graph, Output encoding bitrate: 6.3628 Mbps', actual output is 2.951Mbps, V748 works OK on the same original video file and outputs the desired bitrate / filesize.
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    Batch crashing

    Hello VRD Batch has suddenly started to crash, error message 'VRD batch has stopped working', it doesn't happen every time but more often than not, it doesn't matter which video it's processing or what the profile is, this is the crashlog, any ideas as to what's happening. 2016-05-09 16:44:48...
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    Custom Buttons

    Hello This latest release is working fine for me but I can't get custom buttons 4 5 and 6 to display Windows 10 VRDTVSH264-5-1-3-741f
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    VRD 733 Create DVD Maximum GOP

    Window 8.1 VRD 733 Create DVD brings up 'Minor Recode Required' and under DVD '32 Frames' it happens with files recoded with previous versions and files recoded with 733 but it doesn't happen using previous versions to create DVDs.
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    favourites option missing

    Windows 8.1 64 VRD 732f This version is working OK for me apart from the favourites option which doesn't work with Windows 8.1 64 bit but does work with XP, tried complete uninstall reinstall and cleaned registry with ccleaner, to no effect.
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    VRD 731a stops processing at 71%

    There's a problem with VRD 731a on Windows 8.1 crashing again at 71% completion, there is no output at all and the log just stops, I've tried both batch and save as with the same result, something must be happening at the 71% point, it doesn't matter which video or size of video, I've got the...
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    Picture quality problem authoring a DVD

    The problem is a pulsating pixelation which is really noticeable with a green background, it looks like vertical lines of square pixels, the original SD TS stream from a Humax PVR is OK, it only seems to appear in the authored DVD files, the edited files are OK, I'm not altering any parameters...
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    Editing a profile causes a crash + problem installing over previous versions

    Editing a profile to change the target file size seems to cause a crash, VRD tools menu – edit profile list- select profile – edit – select Force Recode – Bitrate Calculator – Change Target file size – OK – crash. I don't think that this is a new problem I've come across it in previous versions...
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    Authoring DVDs

    There's a problem with authoring DVDs, 629 works OK but the later beta versions throw up the yellow triangle and stop, it stops soon after starting the second title. Logs attached, windows XP on 2 different computers same result, any ideas ? File: Name ...
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    UK HD transmitted video change

    The HD video transmitted in the UK seems to have changed this month and it's causing problems with setting the output file size on a full recode, I assume it's to do with the video being progressive, I normally set the file size to 2.3M which allows for 2 titles on a DVD, now the file size ends...
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    VRD637 crash on profile edit + joiner prob

    On editing an output profile, Tools-Edit Profile List, edit profile, Bitrate Calculator, change file length, whether you enter a value or leave as is, press OK, VRD crashes. Also the joiner outputs error message, Mpeg Stream Error, Video program stream not found, the files are OK because they...
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