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    24-bit Audio Issues in MKV

    1. Having noticed the 24-bit audio feature enhancement in 640, I muxed a H.264 video with both AC3 and 24-bit LPCM stereo audio into a MKV container with ffmpeg, downloaded VRD 652c and proceeded to edit the file. See the following MediaInfo excerpt: Audio #1 ID...
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    Dealing with Dolby E

    Those with FTA satellite receiving capabilities may have come across audio streams in the Dolby E format. There is currently no consumer oriented or open-source based utility to decode these tracks. I've stacked up a bunch of such recordings, and finally decided to dispose of these in some...
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    Basic H.264 Trimming with R5000

    Nearly a year ago I upgraded to TVSuite 4 H.264, hoping for some form of H.264 editing of my R5000-based Dish Network recordings. As has already been belabored many times in the intervening months, it didn't work back then and it still doesn't work. I have enjoyed much better luck with other...
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    Audio sync slips on MPEG-2 remux, build 600

    I've searched the forums for this and didn't see anything similar. Please accept my apology if this is already known or fixed. I've noticed several audio sync problems with files I've edited with build 600, but this only showed up after I dumped the originals. Thus I couldn't say where the...
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    R5000 H.264 editing still not working?

    I downloaded Build 600 and tried editing a few DN H.264 recordings from a R5000. Things are a little better than when I last tried in January after purchasing VRD TVS4, but I have yet to make an edit without any visual problems. I am a long time user of VRD for MPEG2 and have no serious issues...
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    Consistent playback problems with Dish R5000 recordings

    I have a number of Dish Network R5000 HD H.264 recordings with glitches I am attempting to repair with V4. In these cases I have two recordings of a program, often made only a few hours apart on the same channel. I simply want to frame accurately intercut a piece of one into the original...
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