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    Beta 819 - Cancel on Check for updated version

    The new dialogue presented on startup to check for an updated version has a Cancel button - but using it results in a check being done. I think that "cancel" should be treated the same way as "no".
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    Load current cut marks to the next video?

    I'm glad to see that this is planned because I was about to write an enhancement request for something very similar. My use case is open up TV recording and manual mark the adverts then try to Save but it fails with an error that can only be corrected by running Quick Stream Fix. I suggest that...
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    Build 763 - display showing multiple repeated images simultaneously

    The video preview window is showing the same image multiple times in black and white. Source in this case in a .ts of H.264 recording from BBC Four but happening with other recordings that worked fine with earlier VideoReDo builds. This particular one: Mux...
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    Build 763 - virus report for VRDTVSuiteCheck

    AVG reports that it found Win32:Vitro in VRDTVSuiteCheck.exe I have reported it to AVG as a false positive as no other AV tools on VirusTotal find anything wrong with it. (note - this build not yet announced in the forum but "check for update" found it)
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    Crash on loading mp4 video/audio file

    Tried to load it into VideoReDo and crashes each time - in MSVCR100.dll Nothing written to the VideoReDo log file for the crash. Windows Event Log shows Faulting application name: VideoReDo5.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5568c435 Faulting module name: MSVCR100.dll, version...
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    Saving from .ts to .ts with edits stops without error

    Recorded from TV (UK DVB-T - Film4 (SD). Manually edited to strip adverts. When trying to save it seems to get into the 4th of 5 save sectiond and aborts the save without showing an error message - and returns to the edit screen. Total saved is 1:15:58 but should be 1:48:22 Stops at 2015-04-18...
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