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    Video Ring Buffer Overflow

    1. Yes off course 2. Don't exist "double video buffer memory" item! 3. Just tried 4. How I can cut manually the selection?? thanx
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    Video Ring Buffer Overflow

    I have edited a mpeg2 video with aac audio. When I try to save video, videoredo givi me this error. How can I fix? I have just tried to change buffer value sizes.... thanx (I have the last versione of tvsuite v5).
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    Videoredo and wheel pointing system (jog shuttle) for slide bar

    HI. There is a possibility to use a pointing system "wheel" (such as using on tv for rallenty or replay - jog shuttle) instead of mouse for move the slide bar? Turning it clockwise to go forward and counterclockwise to go back in video? thanx (sorry for my bad english) ps. like this ...
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    Question about HD editing fluidity

    Hi. I have tons of HD video .ts h264 to edit. I want upgrade my pc because the hd editing with videoredo is too slow and jerky. affects this, more the video card or CPU? I have intel quad core and ati radeon hd 4870. better to change the CPU or video card for more fluidity? better intel I5/i7 or...
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    EVR - DXVA and slow video

    I tested the software, but without the support EVR and DXVA when I move the cursor there is a significant delay in the video, is really slow and I lost many seconds. I manage a full hd video recorded on eurosportHD sat channel.
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