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    16coreResults-Finally got HEVC to use all my 6core/12HT cpu...OUCH!

    With NVidia's HW encoding, you are offloading most decisions to the NVidia API and the GPU engine circuitry. NVidia has updated the API along with the new Volta GPU engine. Most encoding functions are moved into the chip. This means a choice like "2-pass" has to have a call in the NVidia API to...
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    16coreResults-Finally got HEVC to use all my 6core/12HT cpu...OUCH!

    I'm getting ~300 fps on my rig with a Ryzen 3900X, 12core/24thread and Nvidia Volta GPU/NVEnc/HEVC/HD encoding. Using settings of CRF18, 1 pass, Slower for the GPU encode. Both the Ryzen and Volta are loafing during encodes - could easily do 2 at once. Don't know how it compares to your CPU...
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    Version 6 should not have been marked as RTM

    I think the term "RTM" is being confused with the concept of "Final, Absolutely Stable, Will Never Crash Even Under the Most Obscure Combo of Conditions" Release. The second doesn't exist in the real world - just ask anybody on a MS forum. I maintain a bunch of boxes running Win10 and don't...
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    Happauge 1212 Question(s)

    UMMMM... Been using TitanTV for years to schedule my Hauppauge capture devices - started with internal card, then a HD-PVR 1212 - used that for many years with TitanTV scheduling just fine. Have run WinTV under Win 7, Win 8. Win 8.1 and all the versions of Win10 - now running on Win10 v1903 -...
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    Wrong frame rate reported in Windows Explorer

    Yes....I do know that, but while native Windows 10 Explorer will show the column and many video file types will show info in the column, MKVs will show blank in the Framerate, Frame Width and Frame Height column. If I install an addon like Icaros, the MKV info for Framerate and the others also...
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    Wrong frame rate reported in Windows Explorer

    Played around with a file showing "1000.000 fps" - used MKVToolNix to edit the header. "Video Track 1" listing for "default duration" had been set by VRD v6 to "1000000" Changed it to "33370000" and saved with new info in header, and it now showed "29.97" in Explorer Of course this would be...
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    Wrong frame rate reported in Windows Explorer

    I can duplicate the issue - wouldn't call it a problem. I do wonder how WGF_Bean is even seeing the Explorer "Framerate" listing for a MKV file. Native Windows 10 Explorer doesn't know how to show that. Explorer can read other types like MP4 and TS, but not MKV. I have to install something...
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    16coreResults-Finally got HEVC to use all my 6core/12HT cpu...OUCH!

    My point was that I had spent $500 for a Ryzen 3900X on Day One, plus more for DDR4 3600 memory to get the Infinity Fabric clock at max. All to chase lower encode times without dropping quality below what I like. Going solely by my subjective comparison of screen shots and playback with MPC-HC...
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    16coreResults-Finally got HEVC to use all my 6core/12HT cpu...OUCH!

    Software encoding isn't a single process. Many steps must be done in order and short of doing 2 different encodes at once, it will be surprising to hit "100". As your example suggests, 100% was only achieved by setting ridiculously high parameters and at the expense of any reasonable encode...
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    Do you use MPEG-4?

    Been using VRD since v4. Never use anything other than H264 & HEVC/H265 . Someone must have a use for WMV, VC-1 & MPEG-4 encode, but never see files using them - seems more of a PRO feature. Wouldn't care if they were all dropped from standard version.
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    Curious results using NVEnc in VRD 6

    1. I was going on an older copy of Nvidia's NVEnc API Programing Guide (2017) that documents both 2-pass and Quality setting calls. "In 2-pass rate control modes, NVENC estimates the complexity of the frame to be encoded and determines bit distribution across the frame in the first pass. In...
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    Output Profiles - Move Position

    I use a simple fix until the option to arrange order returns Rename your custom profiles adding characters like - or _ in front of your existing names "_My Profiles" will list before any of the stock profiles starting with regular ASCII letters "-My Profiles" names will list next, followed by...
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    Curious results using NVEnc in VRD 6

    I've been testing the VRD v6-803 HW encoding and am getting curious results. I'm starting with a HD-PVR recording (1080i, AVC, 11.6Mb/s, VBR). I edit to 43 mins removing ads and recode to 720p. My hardware is a Ryzen 3900X, 16GB 3600MHz memory, NVidia GTX 1650-4GB video card. Ryzen BIOS is...
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    Output error

    I've had same "FFmpeg muxer, video write error" issue with every v6 beta I tried. Never had the time to mess with it - just uninstalled v6 beta and went back to v5 to process all my files. Would always try next beta, but same issue. I just upgraded to "stable" v6-803 and issue is still there...
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    AMD Ryzen

    My 3900X is basically the same as the upcoming 3950X you covet. Both have two "8-core" chiclets under the hood. Especially on a new process shrink, many dies come out with at least one core not performing up to specs. AMD turns these core sections off and "bins" them as 12c/24t parts. When...
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