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    Burn DVD with more than 12 videos

    Is it possible to make a DVD with more than 12 videos/titles? I like that I can add 12 45min videos to a DVD and VideoRedo re-encodes them to fit, I don't care that the quality is lowered. But I was wondering if for burning a double layer dvd if you could add say 24 videos, basically doubling...
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    Cross Fade for edits and cuts

    Better late than never! Congrats!
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    MS Visual C ++ - Abnormal Program Termination

    Ok log sent, thank you.
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    MS Visual C ++ - Abnormal Program Termination

    It throws the error here -> DVD Audio packetizing ends. Just a note: all of the files were recorded with WMC and are of Magnum PI in .wtv format. They have all been QSF. How do I find the max GOP? Where do I find a log file?
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    MS Visual C ++ - Abnormal Program Termination

    I'm not sure how I could tell? It seems like it just throws this error midway through the whole process.. Could it be a bad file that is causing this? Should I try re-installing VRD?
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    MS Visual C ++ - Abnormal Program Termination

    I am having this same issue. I tried doing QSF but that did not help. I have Microsoft Security Essentials installed and can't remember having this error before. I am using .wtv files and trying to burn a dual layer 8.5gb disc. Any ideas?
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    This DVD Folder is too big for the inserted disk!

    I am getting this error every time I try to create a DVD. This DVD Folder is too big for the inserted disk! It seems like the DVD created is just a touch too big? Here are the file sizes of the VIDEO_TS folder. 4.37 GB (4,702,722,048 bytes) 4.37 GB (4,702,709,760 bytes) Im also having issues...
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    fresh install of vrd 4-20-5-600

    Ok, I've been using vrd for over a year now and I ave been experimenting with the beta and h.264 encoding. On my main pc, the one I've been using all this time everything works fine. But now on another pc I have, a quad amd 3.4 ghz. I first installed the latest beta, I think it was 606c. When I...
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    AVCHD disc

    Hi, I am really looking forward to this feature and just want to lift my voice and says that is a MUCH DESIRED feature for me. As of now I am recoding files using a bitrate calculator and then burning to avchd discs. the problem is that I usually end up with a good bit of extra space on the...
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    vrd using 99% of CPU

    Is it normal for VRD to use between 95%-99% of your CPU while making a DVD? Right now Ive got VRD installed on a clean system and its recoding the output for a dvd and the CPU is saying vrd is using 99% Is this normal?
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    VRD to Burn AVCHD DVD Disks

    I really would like to know if the new h.264 version of VRD will either initially or at some point support burning to AVCHD. And if so, will there be an auto-resizing to fit standard DVD and Double Layer DVD's? If not then I am looking to go with Nero v9 as it supports this feature with ease of...
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    best format for archiving video

    I record tv shows etc with several tv tuner cards. The format they record to is mpeg2. I am curious what anyone could recommend as an archive format. Meaning, I want to convert/compress the videos some and have them occupy less space so I can remove the original video. Right now most video...
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    bitrate calculator

    Would it be good to have a bitrate calculator available when outputting? Maybe with some default settings like cd (700mb) dvd (4.7gb) dvd dl (8.5gb) specify size (x)mb Here is one I wrote in php, just copy and paste this into a text file and save it as index.php and upload it to a folder...
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    HD Video, H.264 & AC3, Hauppauge HD DVR

    I am using the Hauppauge HD DVR to record tv programs in high definition format. The files it records to can be .mp4, .ts & .m2ts. I am wondering when video redo will be able to support these formats? So far I love using VRD to edit shows and movies I record with my Hauppauge PVR 1600 and...
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