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    "Pops" When Scene has Green

    I submitted this to support but thought I would post this here in case anyone else has noticed this... I've noticed for quite some time, over many versions but never bothered to say anything until now, that when I render my TiVo S2 SD video to M4V files, I get "pops" in the video when there is...
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    Profile Match Based on Resolution

    Since VRDs Profiles don't have a "No Change" option for Resolution, I was wondering how hard would be for VAP to use a profile based on the source video's resolution gathered from MediaInfo? But if there is a match string match, use that profile instead. The source files are TiVo S2 .tivo...
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    Profile Match Used When It Shouldn't Have

    Using VAP 1.05 with these arguments: -p0 -hotstart -metapytivo -config:1. I processed a file last night and a profile was used based on profile match but it shouldn't have. It should have used the active Output Profile instead (H.264 M4v iPod Touch - 640x368). From the log: 12/31/2012 5:15:25...
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    Reduce CPU Priority for Batch Saving

    I found this old thread regarding lowering the priority when saving files in batch mode: I'm using b624 and have Reduce Priority While Saving checked but when looking at each of the VideoRedo.exe threads using Process Explorer, they're...
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    Keyboard Shortcut - Open Project

    A keyboard shortcut for File > Open Project... please. Ctrl+P to save a project and to open the next project, oh man, I gotta use the mouse. (I have to anyway to select a project file but that's beside the point.)
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    No theTVDB Lookup after TiVo Decoder Proccessing

    Because of an error I was getting during QSF, I had to process a show with TiVo Decoder as mentioned HERE, but when copying the (now .mpg) file back into the monitored folder, I noticed the VAP log doesn't indicate that a theTVDB lookup wasn't performed. This happened twice. On the second file...
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    Blocky Video with 544x480 .tivo File

    I've always recorded shows on my S2 TiVo at the Medium setting which produces 480x480 4:3 files. Now with TVS4v600 I started saving them as MP4 files rather than MPEG. I'm using a profile for MP4-IPOD, aspect ratio of 16:9 and output dimensions of 640x358 (letterbox cropping) that has produced...
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    Creating DVD via Batch Not Working For Me

    This is my first time trying to create a DVD image using the Batch Manager and it's not working. I use Open Video, select two .mpg files and select Add to DVD. In Create DVD from title list I choose Que to Batch, launch batch manager and save and execute. So far so good, right. No, here's what...
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    Preview & Thumbs are Green

    Not sure when it started exactly, somewhere in the 55x betas (currently running .557), but when I open a file that has been QSF'd (via TVAP) the preview window is green as are the first 15 thumbnails. If I scroll past them and come back to the beginning, preview and thumbs display properly...
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    AC3 audio bit rate is larger than 448kbps

    I'm not sure what to do with one particular file, I get a "3504 [ERR] AC3 audio bit rate is larger than 448kbps" error when trying to create a DVD with it. The DVD image plays silent. In the log file the file has (and with Ctrl+L): Audio Format: Layer 2 Audio Stream Id: xC0...
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    Ad-Detective Scan Using Audio Feature Request

    I'm not sure if this has been asked before but I did try to search for it... I know Ad-Detective scans for black frames to create scene markers to determine where commercials are. Is it possible to combine that with checking for audio to make scene marks more precise? Sometimes when shows fade...
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    Batch Manager Ad-Dective Scan

    I can't get Batch Manager to successfully run Ad-Detective Scans in Silent mode. I keep getting a "The server threw an exception." error. Works fine if I deselect Run Silent. Same files work fine in VRDPlus in Silent mode. I'm using Nothing constructive appears in the log file...
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