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    VideoReDo TVSuite Beta Build doesnt work with ArteHD Streams

    Hi Folks. I updated to this Beta and wanted to Cut an ArteHD Stream. 1st Try it told me to "Quickcheck" the Stream due Seek errors. I Checked the Stream with TSDoctor.. all Fine. Then i used the new created Stream from TSDoc and marked my Cut Points. The Export to TS then it showed me 3 Hrs...
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    VRD Encode Mode CRF?

    I cannot find CRF mode for forced reencoding of h264/AVC Files... Only AVG Bitrate and Max Bitrate....Did i miss something? Also the Advanced Settings (Level and so on) are not available when encoding h264/AVC to MKV ... why is that? Mara
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    VideoReDO and DualLanguage

    When do we get DUAL Language Cut ? I have h264 TS Files with 2 Audio Files witch i want to keep on cutting. Why do i have to select only one of them? Chris
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