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    Force I frame recode (to IDR) in Intelligent recode ?

    Hi. I have a problem, some videos what i recorded have I frame after TV comercial, after saving files in this places sometime i have a trouble with playback (like little leap or scatter in colred pixels in first 1-2 seconds after TV commercial ) So, how can i turn on force recode for first I...
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    How i can save in .mkv witout DVB Subtitle ?

    Hi. I have many files with H264 and DVB Subtitle in TS stream. Hpw i can save it after cutting TV comercial in .mkv without subtitle ? I can only edit (disable) audio stream, but i can't find any option about subtitles I use last version -
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    Very bad quality of the 1st IDR frame after cut

    Hi. I have little trouble. I try to cut H264 1080i video (from broadcast) I use VideoReDo TVSuite 5 I cut video with frame accurate and Intelligent recode. All is OK, but after cutting, 1st IDR frame in new video have VERY bad quality All other frame are fine, VRD gust fast frame copy from...
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