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    DVD Creation - Resolution goes from 1920 x 1080 to 720 x 480

    Hello, I'm trying to create a Video DVD. Source resolution shows 1920 x 1080. Under "DVD" it shows 720 x 480. Why would the source resolution be changed and how do I keep it at the original resolution? Thanks
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    Chapter Marks

    I'm trying to create a dvd using videos I created from my cell phone camera. What I'm trying to do is add the ability to skip every 5 minutes. I went to Tools - Options - Chapter Mark and Checked "Use Equal Spacing" 5 minutes, but when I create the DVD, the skip goes to the end of the video...
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    Ad Detective in Batch Mode - When selecting media files .Nfo files are appearing in the list

    Was going to run Ad-detected on a folder with MPG files. I noticed that in the list of media files I could select, that .NFO files were also appearing. If I selected all, NFO and MPG files appeared in the list of files to be processed.
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    Released version of 6, still showing Beta

    Upon installing version 802, it's showing Beta on the screen.
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    Batch vs Manually Saving Video Files

    To be clear, I was testing the TV suite version of v6, along with using V5 pro (772a). If I checked the QSF boolean in batch on Pro 5, and using an H.264 Mp4 output, the new file would be smaller then the original file. When I installed Pro Beta 6 (which won't run with Pro Beta 5, but Pro...
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    Have to enable Inactive Ad-Detective in Batch to see .Vprj files in output folder.. Why is this?

    I noticed with the Version 6 Beta, that I need to enable Interactive Ad-Detective in Batch in order to see the .Vprj in the output folder.. Why did this change from Version 5 ?
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    Where do .VPRJ files get stored when using batch manager?

    Checking "Use Interactive ad detective" doesn't seem to solve the issue, as I thought I read in other posts
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    Batch vs Manually Saving Video Files

    Attached are Ver 6 log files. The First is just a manual File open, Save, select profile, process. The Batch_NoQS - is using batch manager, selecting the profile and Quick Stream Fix Not checked. The Final is the same as Batch - No QS, except QS Stream fix is checked. When comparing file...
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    Batch vs Manually Saving Video Files

    OK using batch with version 5 did the same thing. Trying the manual save now
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    Batch vs Manually Saving Video Files

    I did an install of VRD pro 6 beta, which interfered with Pro 5 (what I've been using along with VRD 6 beta) and noticedc the same issue. I uninstalled all versions and reinstalled Pro 5 and see if if I have the same issue
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    Batch vs Manually Saving Video Files

    I created a copy of the MP4 output profile and change the output codec to H.264/AVC and left the rest as default. When I manually open up a Mpeg2 video file and save the video using the custom MP4 profile, the size is smaller then the original file size (since it's set to 70%). However if I...
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    Where do .VPRJ files get stored when using batch manager?

    I'm using the Batch Manager for ad detective and have the output set for D:\Recorded TV\Show and see the output file showing the specified folder. However when I go to that folder, there is no VPRJ files whatsoever, after letting the ad detective go thru a few video files
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    Issues with Ad-Detective

    Can I ask what changed with ad detective between v5 and v6, because I'm having some issues. When I run batch manager and click to add files to batch queue, I have it set as: Output File - D:\Output Ad-Detective Scan = circle filled in File Name Modifier = blank Profile = blank When I run the...
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    VRD 6 closing randomly

    Sorry for the delay 1) It only happens after editing multiple files. If I was to reopen the same file, then it works. I wasn't at the point that I was ready to save, as I was still scrolling across the timeline, and then it would randomly shut down. However a few days ago, the only time it...
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    VRD 6 closing randomly

    With the VRD 6 beta, I've been having noticing the application closing by itself at random times. This includes the 792 beta. I'll drag and drop in a Vprj from an earlier version of VRD. Make some tweaks to the commericals that was tagged, and when I get almost to the end of the time line...
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