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    Bug? Not all processed files go to recycling bin?

    With the latest (fixed) version of VAP I no longer see the line in the log file about having to use a Comskip version higher then xxx (even though I was using a Comskip version higher then that). So it looks like that issue was fixed :) The only log entries I'm seeing for the latest VAP are...
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    Bug? Not all processed files go to recycling bin?

    Hi Folks; I'm running the latest VAP but I've been seeing this issue for a while. Recently a Star Trek Episode was recoreded - Errand of Mercy. When I look at the processed file, it's too small (512k) so something went wrong. Not a problem, I'll go to the recycling bin and restore it and...
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    Problem Encountered During Output!

    I'm seeing this error more and more from Video Redo; Problem Encountered During Output! Graph abort in: H264 ...and I missed the rest of the error message because it just disappeared off my screen :( Any ideas? The log seems to show this; H.264 cut end, Unable to get SPS and/or PPS from...
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    Can't convert from .mp4 to .wtv ?

    Hi folks; I'm using and I'm trying to convert from an .mp4 to a .wtv I've done that before successfully but for some reason these files don't work. I ran QSF on them and then tried to convert them and still nothing. The file info is as follows; File...
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    MetaGenerator3 and Schedules Direct

    Hi; I tried the most recent release of MetaGenerator and it seems to only do TV lookups at theTVdB. I have a schedules direct account (like quite a few folks these days) and am wondering how hard it would be to alter the software so that it could use SD for lookups? I haven't had much...
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    Can't open MP4 file - Video Program Stream Not Found

    Hi! I can't open an .mp4 file from the Internet. When I try it says "Can't open MP4 file - Video Program Stream Not Found" But...I can open it and play it in Windows Media Player. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
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    .WTV Metadata Support

    Hi; I've been transcoding some .MP4 and other files to .wtv and what I'm finding is that there seems to be a very small subset of the .wtv Metadata created for the files. If I look at a natively recorded .WTV file the metadata list that is available is probably a page and a half long. The VRD...
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    Transcoding takes a long time

    I have a Xeon Quad core and I'm currently transcoding from .mkv to mpeg2. It seems to be taking a while and looking at the CPU usage it's hovering very low - somewhere around 30%. Is there any way I can increase this so that it uses more CPU and takes less time? Also, can my Nvidia card be...
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    LargeBufferMalloc: no more memory

    Hi folks; I recently upgraded to Video Redo 5, in part, because I thought some of these errors would go away. I keep running into this LargeBufferMalloc :no more memory error. I'm working with H.264 recordings in a .wtv wrapper. I'm guessing, but it seems to be related to Video Redo running a...
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    Focus Change Issues

    I was running 1.28 and just upgraded to 1.29 so I don't know if this applies to 1.29 yet. What I was seeing all the time with 1.28 was focus issues. These did not seem to be present with previous releases. Whenever VAP does something the focus briefly changes. Where this becomes an issue is...
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    Introduce Processing Delay?

    Hi! I'm using VAP on Media Center 7 to process recordings with Comskip. I've pretty much always seen issues with stopping a recording and then immediately deleting it (before processing actually takes place). Normally Media Center crashes and then re-starts. This has been an issue for years but...
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    Unable to Create Meta-Renamed Output Folder - File Not Movie or Series Show

    Hmmm......I think I might have found another problem... I've got VAP set up to use Profile Match Strings. The idea is that when it processes a file it determines the station call sign. If the station call sign matches one of the listed ones, then it's a Movie Channel and it does not have to use...
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    Unable to Create Meta-Renamed Output Folder - File Not Movie or Series Show

    After all these years I'm still the guinea pig :) It's working on the 3 videos had I stored up that failed so this is very promising :) One thing though, I have VAP set up to put Series in their own folder renamed by date and episode title. I also have the Movies set up in a similar fashion...
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    Unable to Create Meta-Renamed Output Folder - File Not Movie or Series Show

    Hi Folks! Minor problem here. I use Windows Media Center and Microsoft just changed guide providers so our listings and meta content all come from a new source. Ever since then, I get the odd instance where VAP processes a recording, comskip does the cuts, all is well, but when VAP needs to...
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    Increasing Audio Volume

    Hi Folks; I'm running VRD 4 recording programs with my HTPC. I'd like to increase the audio volume when processing the recordings and I'm not sure if it can be done from what I've been reading on the forums. This is the context; Using VRD 4 Recordings are AC3 5.1 / H.264 Can this be done?
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