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    How to change Audio Stream to MPEG1?

    After recording a digital TV program using CyberLink's PowerCinema, sometimes the first file in the series of files cannot be opened, although all the others are OK. All files are .MPG. When I attempt to open the file with VideoReDo to remove the adds' I get a error message: "Audio Stream not...
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    VRD TV Suite started opening MPG files as .VLST files

    Up until recently the program would open a .MPG file I have recorded from free to air TV and I could edit the adds etc. Combine the files and produce a DVD without any problem. However recently when I click on a .MPG file it opens it but the file name displayed is now a .VLTS not a .MPG file...
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    Audio Codec difference preventing joining files

    I want to join two files to create one film on DVD (part of the one program recorded by two different machines). However, when I try to join I get the following message:- Current joiner uses audio codec: MPEG and a sample rate: 48000. Video being added has an audio codec: AC3 and a sample rate...
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    Need both programs or only one?

    I have VedeoReDo Plus and have now installed VideoReDo TVSuite. Should the TVSuite have been installed into/over the original VRD Plus? Or should I now install/remove the original program? Cheers, LPS-Au
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