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    Problem Encounterd during output

    i sometime get this error when editing video recorded with the hauppauge PVR 2 & Hauppauge Capture "Problem Encounterd during output Graph abort in: H264 smart editor2, error: Error with H.264 initialization" i have to find where the error happened on the bit of saved video and then take a...
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    Channel 4 HD Smart Cut Playback Problems

    this problem only happens with channel 4 HD using the new Smart Cut. on some video if i playback with mpc-be and try to skip along the video it just freezes up. ive got a sample to upload. with the sample i can play it fine with mpc-be but once i run it through v5 it just gives me a screen...
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    Bad Cut Points and Stuttery Video In V5

    i recorded ITV 1 HD through DVBviewer using a Hauppauge HVR4400. With V4 using a force Rencode doulbe pass @ 10000kbs the video plays fine. Same settings with V5 it has as stuttery effect on the video with the v5 intelligent recode there is a couple of bad cut points leading to pixelation and...
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