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    video ring buffer overflow

    I'm using VRDTVS I get the video ring buffer overflow message. I've gone to the Tools>Options>Stream Parameters page, make sure the "Double Video Buffer Memory" is checked but it's not there. Multiple audio streams has been unchecked.
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    Batch Manager crashing

    I'm using version VRDTVSH264-5-1-2-740c The Batch Manager is crashing every time I try and run the QSF option. It crashes only a few seconds after starting the QSF. The Batch Manager does not crash when I use it to encode files.
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    Audio Adjustment

    How do I batch encode with an adjustment to the audio level without changing the audio level on every single file?
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    I have a new computer system and I am using VRD TVS4 and v5. In both v4 and v5, playing a mkv file generates pixelation at the top of the screen. The video repeats the same few second from 5 to 20 seconds. The audio is not effected. If I play the same file in Media Play Classic, the problem...
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    v5.1.0.717 crashes

    When opening a MKV file, v5.1.0.717 crashes. If I run the same file through MKClean first, v5.1.0.717 will open the file.
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    Static noise when muxing

    I went to mux 2 files in version and the audio is only static noise. Info on the files I'm trying to mux. VIDEO Format : MPEG Video Format version : Version 2 File size : 72.4 MiB Duration : 1mn 27s...
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    VRDTVS v5 Requests

    Has there been any thought about my suggestion of an adjustable plot mask option? The user can adjust the sides of the mask to cover the screen as much as they want so they can see the TV station logo during the edit. Also be able to save different configurations because not all TV station logos...
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    A Faster Way To...

    I have around 700 mpg files that I want to re-encode to mp4, all with the same settings. Is there a fast way to use VideoReDo to setup the files for batch encoding instead of having to manually enter all 700 files into VideoReDo? I'm using v4.21.10.681
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    MKV Yellow Exclamation Mark During Output

    I'm using VRDTVS v5.0.2.707 I have a .mkv file that I wanted to increase the audio on. It gets to 8% about a minute after starting and that is when the yellow exclamation mark appears. After about 4 minutes, it says that it has an hour to go and the time is constantly increasing by the...
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    Cannot open .m2ts file

    I purchased VRDTVS H.264. I've tried to open a .m2ts file but I keep getting the following error. "No PIDs specified when trying to open a transport stream" How to I open the file?
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    Error "SMPT-302M Audio requires TVSuite V4 or later"

    I've downloaded the lastest beta version of TVS 4 H.264. I opened a .m2ts file and I got this error. "no PID specified when trying to open a transport stream". So I ticked the Tools->Options->Stream Parameters "Ignore transport stream maps". Now I get this error. "SMPT-302M Audio requires...
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    Quick moving frames

    I had to use Quick Stream Fix on 5 vob files. VTS_01_1.mpg and VTS_01_4.mpg have no problems that I'm aware of. VTS_01_2.mpg, VTS_01_3.mpg and VTS_01_5.mpg have problems that are not in the original files. Within a second, a few frames move very quickly then the frame has a lot of pixelation...
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    Adjustable plot mask option

    I'd like to be able to adjust all four side of the plot mask separately. Yeah I know there is an option to change the size of the plot mask to either small, medium, large or extra large. But sometimes they cover too much or don't cover enough. Been able to adjust the four sides separately...
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    TRP Files

    Can VRD Plus open a .trp file and edit it then save it as a .mpg for DVD creation later? I'm using VRD Plus Thanks.
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    Audio Playback Problem

    I've recently formatted my hard drive and now I'm having problems with audio playback. The audio drops out every second. I've changed the audio device in the playback devices but it only get worse not better. I have three devices to choose from. Primary sound driver, Sound Blaster 5.1 and Modem...
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