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    Video going more and more out of sync with audio in 6-hour video

    Can VideoRedo help me fix a problem like this? I have a 6-hour .MPG video captured from a VHS tape. The tape plays fine on my VCR with no sync issues. But the resulting .MPG has an A/V sync issue that is not uniform. At the start of video, the audio and video are out of sync by N msec, but...
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    Program crashes, fault on NavSliderBar.dll or mfc100.dll

    I have been using VideoRedo for a few years with no problems. But recently, the program keeps crashing, with the following message: Faulting application name: VideoReDo4.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x53cd2c16 Faulting module name: NavSliderBar.dll, version:, time stamp...
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    VRD's main video display choppy with h.264 but not mpeg

    I'm referring to the video display on the VRD user interface itself, not the videos created by VRD. Is there a way to make h.264 playback smoother? It's always choppy and that makes editing difficult. I get smooth h.264 playback on Quicktime and Powerdvd, so that indicates my PC is properly...
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    jittery video after saving .tp to h.264 mp4

    I downloaded TVSuite V4 yesterday, opened an h.264 .tp file recorded from Time Warner set-top box and Hauppauge HD-PVR, saved a 10min clip as h.264 mp4 file, but the resulted file had jittery playback. It looked rather like what you would get if wrong field order was used in encoding SD video...
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    Wrong running time after converting .tp to .mpeg

    I'm using videoredo After I convert a transport stream (.tp) to a program stream (.mpeg), the running time of the mpeg is always wrong. There is no loss of content in the mpeg. It's just that running time displayed on media players is wrong. This didn't happen in the past. But...
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