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    Settings for DVDLab?

    Ok, so mediachance IGNORES emails. There is no PDF or manual that I can find. I could only find a .chm (Help Menu), so here goes. 1st. Search for something else because mediachance has ignored 3 of my emails of the last 3 weeks. 2nd. For those using DVDLab, was fileformat do you suggest...
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    small VRP .mpg grows via Ulead software

    Problem I have a (approximately a 4gb) .tivo file (after cutting out all the ads) that is not authoring correctly. I saved the file as a mpg. THE FILE IS DVD COMPLIANT, size is around 4gb. When using either Ulead VideoStudio 10, or MovieFactory 4, WITHOUT a menu, and “Do not convert...
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    Oh where oh where did my audio go?

    Source: .tivo file, DVD compliant Trimmed beginning and end via VRD, saved video as MPG (DVD compliant). Using EMC8, burned and played on DVD player, resulting with video but NO audio. I played the MPG file on the computer to make sure, and yes, it has audio. Anyone have any ideas? TIA, Jeeves
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    3rd Party MPEG Encoder?

    If one is "Saving As" and changes fields that cause the file to be remux'ed/re-re-rendered/re-encoded, will VRD recognize and use a hardware encoder like the Hauppauge WinTV-PVR?
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    Editing and burning Tivo (.tivo) files HELP

    Ok, so I purchased VideoReDo to help reduce the size of the .tivo files by clipping the start and end content in addition to removing the ads. First, after I have Saved As... a .tivo file, I get errors about de-muxing in some programs and others want to resample. Why can't I just burn the...
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