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    Fast encoder initialization error: 269

    I got that error when I try to create a DVD from H.264 MP4 file ( file was originally created by VRD 5 from wmv file after editing). What does the error code mean ? Processing was stopped to error code.
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    First impressions

    This in almous fixed in 706 but not totally. There should be "ö" instead of diamond(o whit .. above it)
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    First impressions

    same thing
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    First impressions

    Info window in main window does not show MB values in correct way. Thousand separator is shown as black diamond with question mark inside of it. This might be something related to Scandinavian alphabets.
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    Problems with mp4 with VRD640

    Hi I have made some mp4 files which I have made for ipad using VRD (originally homevideos from DVD). They will open OK with 638 but not with new 640. First I get window which ask me to install free new codecs from vrd site but that will not help. After that I get error message that Fmpeg...
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    Problems after hypernate

    I have network problems with VDR. I am running VDR in PC with Vista and I usually don't close the PC during the night but put in to the hybernate. Next day I wake it up and if I try to use VRD (my recordings are in separate PC running hole the time under WIN2000) with files over home network VDR...
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    Thumbnail window problem

    Quite often VDR collapsed and I get attached window telling about thumbnail window problem. If I succeeded to pass that sertain place in the file without hitting it I might be lucky and succeed to author a DVD, usually not. What might be the reason ?
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