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    Not saving forced subtitles

    opened a vob file of the avengers and saving to an mpg file. the forced subtites are not being saved. Usually play files with pdvd7.3, opened files with vlc and the vob file has subtitles the mpg file doesn't. VRD is set to default settings (i think), known issue or do I have a setting...
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    637 crashes when cropping

    Edited a SD ota broadcast. Edited out ads and selected cropping option, selected pillarbos to standard, then changed top to 12 and bottom to 6. Program created a 0 byte output file and a project file. Version 610 was able to open saved project and create the cropped output file 637 has been...
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    QSF crashes 618a & 619a

    I use VRD on ota recordings and to qsf vob rips from dvd's. Lately I have ripped episodic vob files from various tv series on dvd. When I click the source file button (on the forth or fifth file) VRD crashes. I can start another session and qsf files until the next forth or fifth file and it...
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    608 QSF failing on vob files

    Just copied some dvd vob files to hard drive. Using 608 the QSF will let me select the file and select the destination, then exits without any error message. I can open the file and then save it without edits. QSF seems broken on vob files.
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    Default Input/Output folders

    I use BeyondTV to record to a folder on my E: drive and save edited files to a folder on my F: drive for batch transcoding with another program. I would like to be able to set a default input source folder and a default output folder (possibly registry keys) for the program to use. If a save...
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