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    Problems converting H264 to H265

    "an interlacing problem" h.265 doesn't do an interlaced spec does it ? nvidia's nvenc hardware encoder doesn't even do b-frames (unless you have the very latest very expensive card) let alone interlaced ? I'm not sure what VRD uses to "quality" deinterlace - i.e. the latest yadif or nvidia's...
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    No link to latest Beta

    I think the query may be based on a vs c ?
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    Interlace affecting HEVC aspect ratio

    Hmm. You've not somehow been hit with a Samsung Bug issue similar to this : ? It doesn't look that way, does it.
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    License Agreement amendment

    Ah. That's clear. Thank you.
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    License Agreement amendment

    Another question. If I have 2x PCs, will that mean I need to purchase 2x v6 licenses ?
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    Hevc h.265

    Thanks. Beaut :)
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    any news on developments or timing in regard to v6 ?

    Fair enough. Still keen though 😀
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    V6 beta?

    Are we there yet ? :)
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    V6 beta?

    Hello and good luck with v6. I also am keenly looking forward to buying it 😀
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    is 771a beta the same as 771 official ?

    Ta. Happy New Year ! :):D
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    is 771a beta the same as 771 official ?

    PS ... any new news on v6 ? :) :) :D
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    is 771a beta the same as 771 official ?

    Hello. I see has been released, per notification from Version - Release date: 2018-12-10 New: H264 output dimensions can now be set to multiple of 2 for width and 4 for...
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    Which Editing Software would you prefer?

    And, VRD's QuickStreamFix mode is ever so useful !!! (I rely on in "batch mode" to fix TV captures)
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    Which Editing Software would you prefer?

    VideoReDo for plain editing. Nero Video for (then) doing a few fancier non-professional things.
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