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    Issue with no sound

    Running VRD on Win 7 Pro 64-bit with SP1 I've created two DVD containing multiple TV episodes. First disc with 4 episodes, second with 6 episodes. In both cases, the last episode did not play any sound. The mp2 on my hard disk when played in VRD or VLC media plays with sound. I...
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    Bell ExpressVu

    Is there anyone out there using VRD4 to remove commercials from recording created from a Bell ExpressVu satellite?
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    Just wanted to say Thank you!!

    Thank you for this: [Change] Tools>Options>Alerts: New option to change the "focus stealing" behavior at end of save. At long last that most annoying item is gone!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!! -Gene
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    minor irritant

    Why does VRD retain some of the old settings and not others when you do an install over an existing copy? It remembers which editing mode I want (cut versus scene), that I don't want Topfield (Sp?), and several others. But it can't remember which skin I want and that I don't want it to monitor...
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    Ping: Dan203

    Just curious. Where are you located (generally, not specifically). I see you positing at 5:42 AM and then again at 6:09 PM. Do you never sleep? <Smile>
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    Looking ro good inexpensive video editing software.

    I don't have a video camera. I did have an old Super 8 movie camera with which I took 3500 feet of Super 8 film. Recently had the film converted and transferred to DVDs. So now I have these DVDs with video that is not in chronological order. No problem, I can extract the video using VRDTV4...
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    Chapter.txt location

    Running VRDTV H264 v4 build 595 on Win 7 Pro 64-bit. Whenever I edit a TV show, version 4 auto saves the chapter.txt in the root directory instead of the source file directory as version 3 did. I must be overlooking something but I can't find anywhere in the Options to indicate where I want...
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    Best frames to cut in frame accurate editing

    I'm not even sure if it makes any difference. But saw a thread where Mr. Video said something about always backing off 1 frame from the second I frame. Read somewhere else, you shouldn't cut on a P frame as they really don't exist. Does it make any difference which frame you select to make...
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    Confused as to why a recode is required

    The following applies to both VRDTVS v3 & VRDTVSh264 v4. I have a SD analog movie I recorded using BeyondTV 4.4 & a Hauppauge WinTV USB2 TV tuner. Ctrl-L shows: File Name: D:\PVR\Burned\Banshee-2010-01-15-0.mpg File Size: 6095300634 ( 5.68 GB ) Program Duration: 02:03:59.03 File Type: PS -...
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    Will VRDTVS 4 do everything that V3 did?

    I don't have requirements for h.264 video now. Probably be a year or two before I have need to edit such files. But I suspect that this will be the cheapest time to upgrade from TVS v3 to TVS v4, so I'd rather do so now than later. So my question is, if I purchase the upgrade to v4 at this...
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    Asepct ratio question

    16:9 = 1.777777 4:3 = 1.33333 720x480 = 1.5 How is an image 720x480 a 4:3 aspect ratio? When I author a video in VRD-TS, do I want 4:3 or 16:9 for display on a 40" wide screen TV (Samsung LN40B540)?
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    Chapters within Joiner files.

    Using VRDTVSuite on Win7 Pro 64-bit I've edited two files, separately, removing adverts and setting chapters at cut points. When burned to DVD-RW, the chapters work as expected in my DVD player. Using the Joiner, I've joined these two files (Using the Project files (*.vprj), creating...
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    Just a thought . . .

    Yeah I have them occasionally. <grin> I've had VRD for a few years now - Stated with the Plus and upgraded to the TVS. And hopefully in the very near future I'll upgrade again to the H.264 version. One thing I've noticed is there are very few issues/problems these days with the software. So...
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    VRD & Win7

    I am currently running VRD-TVS version on an WinXP Home 32bit SP3 machine. Am planning on upgrading the OS to Win7 Pro 64bit (Full install). Is there anything I should be aware of when re-installing VRD-TVS? Issues, problems, workaround? TIA.
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    Info on version 4

    I've seen several posts alluding to a new version 4. Also seen where a final release is to be offered to existing registered users of TV Suite at a discounted price. I've not seen anything that states a date or what that 'discounted' price will be. Have I missed something or is all that still...
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