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    VAP: Microsoft .NET Framework : Unhanded exception has occurred in your application

    I am getting an error: Microsoft .NET Framework : Unhanded exception has occurred in your application ... Index and length must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: length I am running VAP 1.35 Input is TV shows recorded by the HDHomeRun DVR in .mpg format. VAP is...
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    Way to set QSF options for VAP?

    Is there a way to set QSF options for VAP? In the GUI when I select QuickStream Fix, I see an "Options" button next to the Output File Profile. I want to change one of the options for all of my VAP runs. Is that possible? I ask because I am experiencing an issue with ~2% of my videos through...
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    QSF causes audio to drop out

    QuickStream Fix (QSF) is causing some of my videos to have the audio drop out. When I play the files in VLC (version 2.2.6), the audio just stops but the video continues. When I play the file in VRD, the video continues but the audio loops the same few seconds over and over and over. I have...
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    AtomicParsley fails on large files

    I really enjoy using VAP to process my Windows Media Center .wtv files. To get them on an iPad, I like to use the "Run post-processing scripts by default" option, and use Handbrake to do the MPEG2 to H.264 transcode. Unfortunately, some of my 1 hour tv shows were failing to get their metadata...
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    Migrate BeyondTV metadata into Media Center file

    I am trying to convert .tp files created by BeyondTV from an Over The Air (OTA) ATSC tv channel for use in Media Center (Windows 7). I can successfully create MPEG2 WTV, MPEG2 DVR-MS, and H.264 WTV files. While the files play fine, they just show up by file name. Media Center 7 does not seem...
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