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    Please add subtitle support

    Watching several foreign videos, but when I cut a scene/add, all text streams are lost when saving the edited video, rendering the entire video useless to me. Source: Or maybe I'm doing something wrong here.
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    HVEC 10bit video conversion fails

    I open an MKV file and am greeted with... HEVC 10-bit video support is currently limited and will be recoded to 8-bit when saved. OK, so I "Save As..." and see this... There are no cuts defined. Do you wish re-mux the entire input file? Sure... OK... I guess... I select Matroska MKV...
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    Beta 793... mkv vs mp4

    Tried a simple scene snip of an mkv file. When I save the edited mkv to mkv, v6 crashes repeatedly around 50%. If I save the edited mkv to mp4 the file processes as expected. What am I missing here? EDIT1: Spoke too soon. Now the opposite has occurred. After crash, I am offered to open the...
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    Hevc keeps crashing

    Win10 x64. Switched to EVR (what is the difference between these 3) and I could load the HEVC file. Made one cut. When saving the program crashed at approx 95% conversion (quick conversion). Relaunched and found my cut preserved; tried saving again... crash. FWIW... I see where Beta 792c...
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    Hevc keeps crashing

    Installed VRDTVS-6-4-85-791c on Win10x64. I can't load videos without crashing. Tried to load an MKV w/HVEC and an MP4 with AVC. Both crashed.
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    How to preserve subtitles

    I have an MKV file (H264/AC3) from which I cut a few scenes. When I saved the edited video, it finished quickly (no transcoding required), but I have lost the 3 subtitle streams that were in the source. I'm no expert so there's probably an oversight on my part What am I doing wrong? I didn't...
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    Audio drop out repair

    Just started learning this software, so I'm not yet aware of all it can do... Hopefully there's hope for my problem... I have several H264 mp4 videos in which the sound drops out (intermittently) for very brief moments (no longer than if you would tap your keyboard, maybe less). This seems to...
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