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    Converted Files Lose Audio -- Fix?

    I captured some Charlie Rose interviews, using Replay Video's Catcher 4. The resulting files are in FLV format. I used both RV's Catcher4 and RV's Converter to convert those file to mpg2, so as to be able to author them to DVDs using VRD597. But when I load those converted mpg files into...
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    Need Advice on Displaing Closed Captions

    I'd appreciate advice about the feasibility of recording and displaying Closed Captions(CC). Using a Hauppauge PVR 150 Card, I record BBC Mysteries from PBS for my wife and a neighbor and edit them with VRD 597-- but as Churchill said, Brits and Americans are divided by a common language. The...
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    Can I blank-out video but retain audio? How?

    I've captured a web-based seminar and converted it to mpg. VRD allows me to edit it. Unfortunately, at one point my screen saver started and I captured a couple of minutes of that instead of the seminar's video. The audio is the seminar's. I would like to blank the video for the 2-minutes...
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    Need Advice to Capture Streaming Video

    I'd appreciate receiving suggestions on how to capture streaming video (primarily archived C-Span and PBS programs), preferably capturing them in MPEG-2 format so that I can use VRD to edit them. I've tried, without success, using WMEncoder and Replay Video Capture. My system is XP SP3...
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    A HowTo Question: Recombine .mpv & .mpa

    How can I recombine .mpv & .mpa files into .mpg? Here's why I ask: I recorded a movie whose audio is much too low. I loaded the VTS-01-n.VOB files into VRD and split them into .mpv and .mpa files. I then used an audio editing program to increase the audio level. Now I need to recombine those...
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    Problem Creating DVD from MPG File

    A puzzling problem. I have a MPG file (a 2 hour program captured from PBS) that VRD-TV just won't correctly create a VIDEO-TS folder from. I have never before encountered this with any other file. The problem is that in the file to be burned to a DVD the first several seconds (I'd estimate...
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    Cut Inaccuracy in 573 and 572

    I have tried repeatedly to cut 12/100th of a second (a fraction of a title) from a captured TV show, without success. I never before tried to make such a small cut. I mark the start and end normally -- it shows up as a cut -- but when I save and then view the saved file, the intended material...
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    Compressed Stream Error: DVD muxer initialization error

    Here is my problem: I'm setting up a new computer and installed VRD569 on it. When I tried to Author a DVD as a test of the new system, using two MPG files I had previously authored successfully on my old system, it would not proceed -- I got the message: "Compressed Stream Error: DVD muxer...
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    Chapter Marks in VRD 565

    I seem to be unable to DELETE chapter marks that I set erroneously in VRD 565. As I recall, in earlier VRD versions ^A toggled (i.e., both SET and DELETED) Chapter marks, but in VRD565 ^A does not seem to delete them. What am I doing wrong? Eric
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    Possible Joiner Problem with 558

    Today I tried to join a couple of MPG captures. When I went to use "EDIT JOINED FILES" I could see only the first one; when I tried adding the 2nd one again, it seemed to add again on the "ADD" screen but did not show up under EDIT screen. I closed VRD558, reopened it, and tried again. This...
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    Multiple DVD Drives-v549 Doesn't Select

    I'm currently using v.549 of the TVSuite. I have two SONY DVD Drives {L: & M:} installed in my system. An earlier version of the TVSuite automatically selected for burning the drive with a DVD in it; v.549 stops and waits for operator action if its target drive is empty even if the other...
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    Suggested Improvement for DVD Menu

    It is sometimes undesirable to have every item in the menu preceded by a numeral. To Illustrate: 1. The War -- Part 5 2. The War -- Part 6 However, it is not currently possible to put a line on the menu (in VRD535 and previous versions) without a preceding numeral. Recommendation for a...
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    Question about DVD OUTPUT SIZE Box

    I am trying to understand what VRD does when -- in Creating a DVD -- one selects the 4.7 gig option in the DVD OUTPUT SIZE box. Specifically, if one wants to create a Single DVD from one or more MPG files that aggregate to 5 or 6 gig, VRD can create a VIDEO_TS folder that is small enough to...
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    VRD-533 Authoring Problem With Large Files

    There appears to be a serious problem with VRD-533 when authoring files larger than will fit on a standard DVD. I tried this TWICE today -- same results -- each time VRD-533 got into some sort of endless loop from which only CtrlAltDel would exit. I then tried to author the same files using...
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    Define the DVD Drive to Use for Recording

    It would be useful, in a future version, to add under the "Create DVD" function a box that will let a user who installs multiple DVD R/W Drives define which Drive to use. I added another DVD Drive as M: ( the older one is L: ) but VRD will use only L: to write DVDs. Eric
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