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    Video program stream not found. WTV files

    I recently updated to v5.3.4.748. Today I discovered that I can no longer open many of my WTV files, instead VRD reports "video program stream not found." Many of these files were created using VRD qsf! The files are easily played with Windows Media Center and VideoLan. Some of them are many...
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    MPG to WTV Loses Closed Captions

    I just used batch manager to convert about a dozen mpg H.264 files from MPG to WTV. VRD shows captioning as EIA 608/708 on both input and output files, and I can view the captions within VRD. There are no captions when I view the output files in WTV. Can anybody tell me why this is happening...
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    Batch Manager vs. multiple recording formats

    In the v4 batch manager, if you added a file which would need a "major recode" based on the selected output, you were notified of that fact with a big yellow exclamation mark. I see nothing like this in v5. All of my recorded files are wtv, but some are mpeg 2 and some are h264. Is there a...
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    Setting up a batch - files needing recoding

    In the v4 batch, if you added a file which would need a "major recode", you were notified of that fact with a big yellow exclamation mark. In the v5 version, the only way I see this is when I notice the qsf-ing is taking forever! All of my recorded files are wtv, but some are mpeg 2 and some...
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    Default save folder for batch files?

    I hope I've just missed a setting somewhere. I see no place to set the resulting files from QSF-ing a batch to a folder of my choosing. I have to browse for it every time - otherwise it goes to "D:\Documents".
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    Aspect Ratio issue

    VRD says these files are 720x480. The video looks like a 16x9 picture in letterbox enclosed within another box with pillars. At any rate, by themselves these files are not causing me a problem. Yesterday I had to patch together two 1920x1080 files. Specs were the same except one file was...
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    Aspect Ratio issue

    I'm using Beta v655, but this (relatively minor) issue has been present for at least a year, maybe forever. I thought you might want to repair it before you came out with the next release version: I have 16x9 aspect ratio as the default. I'll convert a 16x9 clip that's in mpg to wtv (h264)...
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    Drag 'n Drop Oddity

    I don't believe this is in any way a VideoReDo issue, but I'm hoping somebody out there has the expertise to help me solve an unusual problem. I usually get a file into VideoReDo by dragging and dropping it onto the program window or by right clicking the file and choosing "Open with...
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    For security purposes this program will not run while system debuggers are active....

    I've seen this issue discussed before in the forum (see, for example I haven't seen an explanation or a solution, though. I've been getting the message occasionally for years, with no discernible pattern. Eventually VRD will open again, but...
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    Audio loss after joining with v638

    Today I attempted to join three files together. The join appeared to be successful, but when I spot checked it, there were multiple and major (long) segments of the audio missing. I tried the same task with two other files and audio had been dropped from that joined file also. The files in...
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    637g NO VIDEO

    635 was crashing on me all the time so I quit using it. 637g hasn't been crashing nearly as much, but on the other hand, it has been less useful because there is no video (!) in the main window. All I see are the thumbnails. If I select "play", I hear the audio just fine. I've been editing...
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    634d Slow access to network files

    In previous versions, this wasn't a problem. Now, when I drag 'n' drop a file from a network drive, VRD takes L-O-O-O-O-N-G time to load it. I timed my last attempt at 2 min. 10 seconds. Loading files in the same manner from local drives continues to be almost instantaneous.:confused:
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    Build 634d Saving output

    I have VRD set always to run as administrator. My videos are mostly TV recordings in H264 format. With the new version comes a new problem: after I've done my editing and attempt to save the output, I get an error window saying "Mpeg stream error: Open error for WTV output." I'm not working...
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    v626b Get green frames after letterbox to widescreen convert

    Upon using 625h, I discovered I could no longer convert h264 from letterbox to widescreen. When I did so, all I got were green frames. I'm getting the same result from v626b.
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    619a Doesn't Work Saving H264 Media either?

    I have several h264 recordings I was hoping I could edit and save with 619a (they'd failed with 618a). Unfortunately I'm continuing to have the identical problem. The output progress window for the file I'm trying to save right now reads "Estimated time remaining 25:10:06". Can anybody tell...
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