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    crash on output of H264 under WINE

    Yes, using beta 800 now. Output to ts has the same problem. The VRD dialogue box shows that state changes to Decoding Frames just before the failure. The on screen info shows the frames are I frames, not IDR.
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    crash on output of H264 under WINE

    This problem existed with previous betas I hadn't gotten around to posting about it. For test purposes I am attempting to output a transport stream recorded from SBS World Movies (Australia, 1080i, h264) to .mp4. If I simply select from the beginning of the file through to the end of the file...
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    VRD 6 vs WINE (linux)

    With setting the Deinterlacing option on the Playback devices page to Smart causes VRD to crash when a file that is internally flagged as interlaced is opened. - YUV Acceleration unticked - Displayed Aspect Ratio set to 16:9 - Video Driver set to GDI
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    VRD 6 vs WINE (linux)

    Another problem, but likely not VRD's. I use OLE a fair bit but can't create an instance of VRD under WINE with a script. The WINE debug log says class not registered. Is there a manual way to re-register the com server with regsvr32.exe ? That will let me re-register it and see if there is...
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    VRD 6 vs WINE (linux) has solved the crash on open of H.264 files. Sayonara Windows.
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    VRD 6 vs WINE (linux)

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, so no AVX2. Would that also cause H.264 problems? A minor point but, probably because of missing libraries in WINE, the message of the day doesn't render the HTML, instead I see the raw text. Its not a problem at all really, can't expect everything to...
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    h264 causes crash with mp4, mkv and avi container

    OOO, I wonder if this also solves my WINE crash with H.264.
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    VRD 6 vs WINE (linux)

    I've been eagerly awaiting the v6 beta to see how it goes with WINE. Iniitial feedback is that it works setting the video mode to GDI but only with MPEG2. AVC (H.264) causes a crash. Part of the WINE crash log below, not that it means a lot to me. but it may be failing in the '264 decoder...
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    "Save as" TS file vs MP4 file (H264)

    Yes, there is extra stuff. For a start there are the transport stream packets carrying information about what programs are in the stream but the likely difference is null packets, ie padding, to make the transport stream a constant packet rate suitable for feeding to a modulator. If you take...
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    How Much will my Videoredo performance be enhanced if...........

    The big difference I noticed with an SSD and video editing in general, not just for VRD, was scrubbing around in the video was vastly improved. Off a single HDD there'd be delays and jerks when moving. With an SSD that pretty much went away. The almost 0 seek latency also lets me do things...
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    Is there a guide to properly deinterlace broadcast TV to mkv/h264?

    Have to agree with Dan here. With the way US TV gets chopped up as part of normal operations there is no simple answer if you want to drop it back down to the notional 24FPS and avoid occasional frame jumps as the 3:2 sequence is disrupted and changed during playout. Tack onto that the joys of...
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    Unable to initialize the video display

    Acceleration disabled, but the same error detail is seen in the log with it enabled. The 'Accel Flag' information remains set as 1 regardless of the option in the VRD GUI. 017-11-23 05:16:34 H264, Error initializing video: VMR 7 Error, BuildVideoMixingGraph-VMR 7 (Windowless), hr=0x80004001...
  13. D COM interface

    I've used COM to run VRD4 for ages without problem, and have turned to automate VRD5. Using the new application name (VideoReDo5.Application) to start launches VRD OK, but from there on it's all down hill. Properties such as OpenedFilename return an error - unknown name, as does SetQuietMode...
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    5.12.740 no pids specified

    Well hopefully this hasn't already been covered as a look around the beta section didn't turn up any mentions.... If I write a full transport stream to a file and then open it in Videoredo 5.12.740 it displays the first channel it came across without problem, but if I attempt to change to one...
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    644a refuses to jump forwards

    This is not a 644a specific problem as I've seen it with prior versions. I have VR set to force I frame seeks for jumps of two seconds or more. Occasionally VR refuses to move off the initial frame in a recording when a jump of 2 or more seconds is attempted. It will move forward frame by...
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