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    As little conversion from native .Tivo files as possible? (for Plex)

    Hi. Trying to get my Plex server to recognize my .tivo recordings. I assume that I have to convert them? Plex *used* to recognize the .tivo files if I just renamed them as ".mpg", but that stopped working sometime last year. I don't care right now about compression, H.264, MP4, etc. I just...
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    Editing ripped DVDs and adding subtitles

    Handbrake does that? Wow. Did not know that. Thanks. Oh, and did you mean TMPGEnc ? If so, why did you choose that over Handbrake? Price? Ease of use?
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    Editing ripped DVDs and adding subtitles

    I have asked before and the official answer has been that VideoRedo does not currently support subtitles for ripped DVDs. Is this still the case? If so, is there no way around this? Case in point. I own "Thor - The Dark World". I have both a recorded version (.tivo file) from broadcast TV and...
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    Closed captions?

    Is there any way to convert the output from ccextractor to a compatible format (608/708?) ? Or should I not rip to .mkv format...?
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    Closed captions?

    I ripped one of my DVDs to MKV and it lost the closed captioning. I got it back in VLC by using ccextractor, but VRD will not display the captions. Am I missing something? Does VideoReDo not have this capability?
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    DVD converted to MPEG, edited in VRD, wrong audio stream in output

    DVD ripped to VOB, converted to MPEG with VOB2MPG, edited in VideoRedo. Plays great in VideoRedo, but when I try to play the edited MPG on the Tivo (or on the computer using Windows Media Player), the wrong audio stream has been selected. In VideoRedo (, I have audio stream x80...
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    Any way to speed up playback on computer during editing?

    I've started editing some movies, cutting out bad language, etc. for our kids. On the Tivo, I can watch the shows in "fast mode" to get through it more quickly (or even in "1 arrow fast forward mode" with captions on). I doubt it, but thought I'd ask... there is no way to "play" a Tivo file in...
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