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    First impressions

    Hi Dan Just had a look at Tools>Options>Start Up> The Custom button is greyed out see below. Any thoughts? Best Don
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    Can't open most wtv files

    Hi Dan R New with this release I can't open most BBC HD wtv files. The error is first: Video Program Stream not Found - Unable to open file .... Second error shown simply says: Unable to open file: C:\Users\..................... Any thoughts please. Thanks Don
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    Joiner failed with 'Out of Memory'

    Ok so perhaps this is an abuse. W7 32b 6G RAM 4 x 1Tb local SATA disks. Return from holiday, 422 files, (24Gb) of AVCHD dagged into VRD with the aim of making one file. Joiner plows through to about 130 files then goes Out of Memory. However if 100 files are dragged in, then click close in...
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