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    Batch Process on DvDs

    I would REALLY like to be able to just tell it to batch process every 'video' segment it detected or be given a check list of available ones, to a singular profile & location. It is .. a bit more frustrating to have to 'reopen' each 'video' on a dvd, even more so when it's 5 per, I'd rather...
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    Setting a Default save location

    I'm currently having a more then 'annoying' issue where it keeps pointing back to the original folder the file is from, which causes it to rename the output with a (02). -which is doubly annoying because despite setting the favorites, setting a default save location for the profile used (H.264...
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    Feature Requests - TVSuite V5+

    1. It works perfectly with an spen (as a fine point touch), just was asking because if there was a way to avoid data usage I'd take it. -i do use team viewer and with Windows 10, it's perfect.. I just rather cut data use down. 2. I was asking because itd just save time and even using basic ones...
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    Feature Requests - TVSuite V5+

    I know this is not a common use feature, but I though I would ask anyways. 1. Is there a way to so remote connections & allow the full power of say the desktop to manage it & Que files say from a Tablet. [I end up traveling for hours at a time & I would like to get caught back up on my...
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