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    What Does Stream Fix Do?

    Just now I was handed a 1920 x 1080 h.264 file that had a playback problem. About once every two seconds, the video freezes for about half a second. Then it resumes playback at double speed to catch up. Once it catches up to the audio it plays proper speed for another two seconds, after which...
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    Problem With Files With Multiple Resolutions

    I've got these video files. Primarily they are 1920 x 1080, h.264, AAC 48k sampling, bit rate about 6 megs a second. Unfortunately, every ten minutes or so, a section comes along with a different resolution. These portions run about two minutes and they are all over the map. For 30 seconds...
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    How To Search The Forum???

    This is going to sound really lame, but I wanted to search this forum for any threads pertaining to h.265. I had already found a thread (that I started) called "Encoding to h.265" so I knew there was at least one such thread. So I clicked the Search Forum link and saw the dropdown giving me...
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    Getting "Mpeg Layer 1 Not Supported" messages with Mpeg Layer 3 recordings. Huh?

    Getting "Mpeg Layer 1 Not Supported" messages with Mpeg Layer 3 recordings. Huh? I've got this long h.264 mp4 clip that's got audio that's not that great for certain portions. I've got this audio file in mp3 which is a lot better. So I figured I'd chop the mp4 file up into pieces belonging...
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    Encoding to h.265

    As I understand it, h.265 is roughly twice as good as h.264 and about four times as good as mpeg-2. This means that if I have an mpeg-2 file, and I wish to convert it to h.265, if I set a bit rate one quarter the speed of the mpeg-2 file, I will probably wind up with a file that roughly...
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    VideoReDo Can't Handle c's with a Breve in the File Name!

    Check out if you want to know what I'm talking about. Just now I spent an hour trying to pull a video file into VideoReDo and it was consistently refusing to open it. I tried everything, recontaining in XMedia Recode, demuxing and remuxing with tsMuxer...
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    Conversion from 29.97 to 25

    I've bumped into a problem when converting an mpeg-2 1080i 29.97 fps file into an h.264 720p 25 fps file. I'm seeing some jerky and jumpy video in the result. Yeah, I could drag it into Premiere Elements, put a frame blend on it, slow it down to 50% speed, render it at 25 fps, pull it back...
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    Where is "Omit Null Packets?"

    I can't find the Omit Null Packets toggle in the Advanced Options. Where is it now located please? I'm trying to encode a file with Constant Bit Rate. Thanks!!
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    Re-Encoding Files to Match Primary File

    I've got a series of files I want to join. Most of them are 1920 x 1080, 29.97 fps, h.264. However a few are not; there are one or two Mpeg-2 files and also a few Windows Media Player files. Here's my question. I see that VideoReDo TVSuite V5, hereinafter referred to as VRD, has the...
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