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    Optimizing network performance

    Hi, its a long time since i last came on this forum. I still enjoy using VRD, but i've just upgraded my network to gigabit. Now when copying a file from my NAS to my PC i have 32-34MB/s of throughput. When using VRD (opening crid files from NAS and "save as" on the PC) the best i can do is...
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    Elementary stream : not elementary enought ?

    Hi there, i have big problem authoring DVD with DVD Styler : **ERROR: [???] MUX STATUS: Frame data under-runs detected! Erreur d'exécution de la commande:mplex -f 8 -S 0 -o "D:\Gravure\dvd\title0-1-0.vob" "D:\Gravure\dvd\title0-1-0-0.m2v" "D:\Gravure\dvd\title0-1-0-0.mpa" After discussing a...
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    Selection : something i'd like to be sure

    Hi, There is something quite odd when using selection, can someone tell me why ? When you clic "sel. start", the frame you have on screen belong to the selection. When you "sel end", the frame you have on screen does not belong to selection... The selection ends with the previous frame, why ...
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    Little bug when concataining file with error

    Hi, i wanted to edit a film on my M740. Like always, i opened the crid file, and then the disk works, works, works... never stopped. I close VRD, and try again same thing... I know that if a file is missing (eg : film00, film01, film03, film04) then i have this issue... I verify, all is ok, i...
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    batch problem with french letters

    Hi, i'm a french user of this great program, discovered after i bought a M740 AV set-top-box. i've just discovered the batch tool which is really a simple but wonderful idea... the problem is with french letters i guess : é è à, and so on... Here is my batch .cmd file : When i execute it, i...
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