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    C++ error when opening a file

    Last night I updated my Windows version of XBMC from 'Dharma Beta4' to 'Dharma RC1' and I think it broke my VRD? I think it installed a new version of MS C++ and now VRD crashes whenever I try to open a file. When I look in Add/Remove Programs I see 3 entries: - MS Visual C++ 2005...
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    What is this version?

    Until yesterday I was running "VideoReDoPlus-2-5-6-512b3.exe" without issue. Now it gives an error when I try to start it. I suspect it's due to another sw update I installed but when I tried to check this forum for more info all I learned was that I was confused :) I downloaded my previous...
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    Support for Linux/WINE ?

    This new version *almost* works properly, it seems, under WINE. I was able to install it and run it, no problem. I even get the interface (which requires HTML apparently; WINE automatically configures Gecko) and audio to play. The only problem is the video. Yes, I realize this is a BIG...
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