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    Getting virus warning when installing new VRD beta v5.3.80.761a

    Hi, I just tried to install the latest VideoReDo beta v5.3.80.761a but my Avira antivirus is giving me a warning and wont install properly. I've attached a pic.
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    I have to change language to open a Video?

    Hi, I have been converting some Greek music videos from .mkv to .mp4 (TV only plays .mp4 straight from a usb stick). Anyway I've noticed that I can't load the .mkv video into VideoReDo unless I change the name from Greek to English first. ie: Είναι Κάτι Λαϊκά to Einai Kati Laika. Once I do that...
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    New version recoding my .TS files

    Hi Dan, thanks very much for the reply. It seems to work a lot quicker after trying your suggestion. I would never have thought of this without your help. I realize now that the recordings I have been trying to edit are from a new free to air, terrestrial HD channel, thus the h264 encoding. Two...
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    New version recoding my .TS files

    Hi, I installed the latest v5.3.4.748a and am trying to edit some videos. I have .ts file videos from my TV HD Recorder but when I save to .ts file as well after editing, it takes ages to finish and says down the bottom that it is re-coding. Usually with previous versions, whether I save to .ts...
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    New Version of VRD too slow & not saving file properly

    Hi, I just updated to the latest v5 beta version but so far everything I have tried to do is very slow and not working. Just a simple 2 or 3 min .ts, mp4 or mpg2 file which has been edited then saved takes up to 6 or 7 minutes to complete. Then it just stops about 3/4 of the way through the save...
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    Adjust Audio setting.

    Hi, I really like the VideoReDo software. The later versions have incorporated the Adjust Audio setting which is really excellent. If there was a way to have this feature permanently on the main display/GUI I think that would be so much more convenient. Also, the majority of videos that I edit...
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