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    Hidden Save Icon

    Oh how i miss the save button at bottom any chance we can get this back
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    New PC Build Help

    hi guys /gals I am about too embark on a new desktop build and as ive been out of touch with the build game would like advice on spec I was thinking of parts listed CPU :Intel® Core™i7-5930K 3.50GHz N/A 15MB L3 6 12 LGA2011-V3 Motherboard :ASUS® X99-A Memory : 16GB HyperX FURY DDR4 2133MHz...
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    Encode Problem With Downton Abbey

    hi guys does anyone have a problem encoding downton abbey ive had problems with ep 1 & 2 so far I am recording thru a pc Tvcard on free sat trandsponders normally I edit out adverts and then encode from wtv to mkv always do double pass and 1280x720 untick allow mult audio if needed the...
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    Not Sure Of The Settings New Releases

    hi hope you are all well I do a lot of tv recording thru media centre which are wtv files SD & HD I edit The Ads Out and then either batch convert or convert each file depending what's too be done I am using V5.1.1.729 due to the fact I don't Understand the new settings too use in the newer...
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    Batch Manager Reports Waiting

    hi dan I do my edits about four or five at a time (Max) of five
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    Batch Manager Reports Waiting

    why does my batch manager report its waiting when in fact it is encoding answers on a post card ? :) ive never noticed this before maybe I have not been looking TVSuite V5 - (Released 2015-05-22)
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    Audio Output Low

    hi foks is their an easy way to increase the volume when encoding all my recodes seem low on volume when played back thru my satbox onto my tv after encoding this is not a real complaint as its poss I an doing something stupid and have not set the program up correctly is it the station that is...
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    Errors After Upgrade Too TVSuite V5 - From TVSuite V5 -

    I have started too get the error VideoReDo has stopped working from when I updated to latest release so I went back too V5 - and now it also get Error Opening DirectSound audio Device all Files were recorded as wtv and converted too mpeg please note I have had no problems at all thru...
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    First impressions

    My First Impressions of V5 Are Its A Great Improvement Does What It Says On The Tin Just A few niggles too iron out and they are just niggles that I am sure will be dealt with as soon as it can be here is my niggle see screen shot just a minor niggle
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    Encoding From MKV-Mpeg File Size Still Large

    hi folks first of all can I say love the new v5 finding it a little different but its one hell of a jump from v 4 you lads have put a lot of work into this will be well worth the purchase ive had stuff on my drive for a couple of years which now I can convert and free up about 500GB sorry I...
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    Confused Still Dont Be Able Too Get Rid Of Audio Discriptive

    hi folks sorry too bring this up again I record thru wmc on windows 7 my tuner card is a TBS6982 DVB-S2 Duel Tuner PCIe I have no problems recording HD or SD very rarely get any dropouts in signal my problem is I seem too be getting a boat load of recordings with audio description and I am...
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    The demise of xp looms a question

    hi folks with the demise of XP Looming Ever Closer will VRD4 run on Ubuntu as I was thinking of moving over too that system due too the closure of xp on my second machine yes I know I can use XP off line but I prefer not too
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    Errors Now I Have Installed Norton Internet Security

    hi all I changed from Microsoft internet security too Norton internet security and now I am getting quite a few errors when editing my tv recorded files is anyone else having the same problem my satellite feed is ok good signal etc nothing else has changed except the installation of Norton...
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    Converting WTV MKV HD Recordings Too MPEG Problem

    hi folks I have a problem when I have converted a wtv file that has been recorded thru media center in HD on playback thru my tv I get little black squares at the bottom of the screen the full length almost like a graphic eq I know its something I am doingor not doing just cant fiure it out :(...
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    audio discriptive

    sometimes when I edit TS Files From My Sat Box after the edit out of adverts and saved to mpeg I find I have gained audio descriptive which is quite annoying can some one advise how to overcome this please would be most grateful I cant see a check box too remove this audio thanks for any advice...
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