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    Encoding with Handbrake? Read this. [Get MediaInfo]

    This is getting to be a regular problem, so it's probably worth a sticky - (emphasis added) Mediainfo ((it's free)): download page:
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    Output Complete dialog box to text file:

    I looked back to January of this year, and didn't see this suggestion: When I edit multiple files and save them, the dialog box that pops up at the end of the SAVE, contains just the right amount of info to be helpful. I'd like a file to be generated in the same directory as the OUTPUT files...
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    Visionsat IV-200 - support request

    Visionsat IV 200, is an FTA satellite receiver that is becoming popular. By attaching an external USB hard drive, the user can record TV programming. The file type is marked as .TS, and by exercising "ignore transport stream maps" the samples I've uploaded, can be viewed and edited. My test...
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    unwrapping MKV

    way off topic Is there something I can use to unwrap an MKV and get the video/audio? If it's in multiplexed DivX format, that's fine. If it's a video and multiple audio streams, that's fine, too A list of chapter marks would be nice, but that's optional.
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    ODD output from joiner?

    I was trying to make some video, over which I planned a test with the Title Editor. So, first I wanted a clip of my 544x480 video . I cut 4 frames of source vid, with a static background pattern (I think), which was mostly red. Then, I proceeded to load that tiny clip 8 times into the Joiner...
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    surgeons scalpel, a success story

    Ya learn a lot reading this forum. Both from the users and of course from the debugging techniques the company recommends. I had one last 45 minute show to add to a 5-show DVD, and it was giving me troubles. The PVR it came from liked it fine and played it well. VRD liked it fine, and edited...
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    Welcome TV Suite Users

    The new TV Suite went live today. Or maybe it's pre-release... But still, we'll be handling all your question and problems with it, right here. If you are running a beta version, and the problem you have is beta-specific, maybe it'd be best to put 'em in the BETA forum. Of course, this is just...
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    File Test

    When the automatic video correction features of VRD work on a file, they do a great job. When I need to run QSF, I usually find out only after I've edited half the file and can go no further. Saving the Vprj file with my edits and trying to apply it to a post-QSF'd copy of my video is... well...
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    get more mileage from the bouncing ball

    I use a lot of methods to move through my video, on the manual search for commercials. One thing I can suggest, is that you not have VRD in play mode. Have it paused, while searching. You'll find VRD will react faster. Now as to the suggestion: You know the little green (blue?) drag-ball under...
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    satellite receiver seller promoting VRD

    I just noticed this new advert on the SatelliteAV web site. It promotes VideoReDo as the editor of choice. When VRD gets Authoring to market, it'll be a one-program solution for viewers. btw, FTA or Free To Air receivers and users are operating 100% within the law. For a list of available FTA...
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    Forum not quite right

    I've had a lot of trouble with just this one forum, compared to all the other ones I cruise, in that same regard. In fact, it 's so bad, I treat the VRD forum like a totally different animal. Normally, vBulletin is my #1 favorite forum software.
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    Author w/ your app - burn DVD w/ NERO

    I kinda grew up using NERO to burn CDs. The interface was simple, friendly, logical, and familiar. Several major versions ago, it did indeed become bloatware, with alternate interfaces and launchers . (nero smart start - I really hate that!) ...and too many modules to count. Since I only...
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    Calling MyHD users...

    Not sure which department to drop this in, but hopefully enough VRD users with MyHD will see it and chime in. My question is this: do you have this problem with .TS and VRD and MyHD??
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    VRD Forum Operation

    For some time now, I've been having trouble with the forum. Maybe 30..60 days, I'd say. I thought it was just me, or some hidden feature of FireFox, but SatelliteGuys.US forum is the same Jelsoft vBulletin® Version 3.6.4 It does not suffer from these two complaints. 1) when I read a department...
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    All about digital video recorders

    Congratulations on adding the two new sections to the VRD forum ! While I don't use TiVo, this area will be a great place to collect info on authoring TiVo captures, and making DVDs. One thing everyone should be clear about is what kind of TiVo they have. I tend to think in terms of American...
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