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    From an HEVC encoded Video a large first part cannot be cut

    I recorded from German TV a 2.4 Gb large HEVC transmission. It turned out that the first half was not what I wanted so I tried to cut it out. Unfortunately VRD6 was not able to do so and stopped with a yellow exclamation mark. I then tried to cut smaller parts about 300 MB large one by one...
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    vs 796 does not open ts and m2ts files any more

    It did work well with previous versions. A test file has been uploaded.
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    vs 796 does not open ts and m2ts files any more

    When I tried to open an HEVC coded video with ending ts or m2ts I get the message"Video program stream not found". Not such a problem with mpg files. Any suggestions?
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    Video TVSuite 6 Beta 793 crashes

    I tried to edit a HEVC file recorded from German TV. When moving around in the file in order to set a cut mark VideoReDo crashes without a message. This does not happen with other recorded files, but seems to occur when the Audio Stream is encoded in EAC3. I suspect this audio stream is the...
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    Hevc keeps crashing

    As Dan has told me VideoReDo has built the decoders with AVX2 support which is not available for old CPUs. They provided me with a version without this dependency that works fine. Thank you Dan!
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    Hevc keeps crashing

    VRDTV-6-4-85-791c does not open HEVC coded files and crashes, when trying so with my standard PC. It works, however, with NON HEVC files. I run some tests with the 791 version on different computers with Intel processors: Pentium E5800 (an old one), Core i3 3110M (Lenovo Thinkpad), Core i5...
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    VRDTV-6-4-85-791c doesnot open a HEVC coded file

    Trying beta version VRDTV-6-4-85-790a allowed to open and edit a HEVC codes file, but crashed, when trying to save the edited file. VRDTV-6-4-85-791c does not open a HEVC coded file and crashed, when trying so with my standard PC. So I run some tests with the 791 version on different computers...
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    Hevc h.265

    Since March 2017 terrestial TV is broadcasted in Germany HEVC coded. So Videoredo cannot be used any longer to cut recorded streams. An alternative is the shareware TS Doctor, which works very well, but does not allow accurate frame cutting. It would, therefore, be highly appreciated if a...
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