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    Audio Normalization setings in Vrd Pro

    Hello, I have a mkv/h264 HD Ac3 5.1 file. It is collection of many Comercial Bluray Rock Concerts. So there are various audio levels I want to normalize. I am testing the Vrd Pro Normalize Options, but I can't get good results. What are the optimal setings for this case. Gain / Target ? Peak...
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    Audio Normalization in Bluray Concert Clip Collection

    Hello, I made Bluray Rock Concerts Collections (Dolby 5.1) for personal use in Parties etc.... (H.264/Avc - Ac3 5.1) I choose about 5 concerts, make a selection of the songs/videos, and Author it using TMPGenc 5. (I cut/select/author all using TMPGenc then I convert to Mkv) The Concerts itself...
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    VRD does not open mkv files. Why?

    Hi, I recently upgraded for V.4. I use VRD mainly to make Rock Concerts Video Compilations for DVD and now for HD. I tried to open a mkv file , and I could not. I have to use Xvid4psp to convert to m2ts, so I can use it with VRD. Let me know thanks Antonio
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    Problem with Pink Floyd Pulse DVD

    Hi, I make Music DVD Compilations using VideoReDo, and I am having problems with the Pink Floyd Pulse DVD (and also with Morrissey Manchester and Queen Wembley). All DVD's are Original and in NTSC Format. When I author the DVD, the DVD start to go in "Slow motion" and go out of sync completly...
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    Problem with Queen Live Montreal DTS and PAL

    Hi, I make Music DVD Compilations using VideoReDo, and I am having problems to Convert the Queen Monteal DVD from PAL to NTSC (by the way the Queen DVD is one of the best releases of the Year, with great Picture and audio. It is a 1981 footage, but, much better than many new recordings). I...
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    Create Chapter Marks when Joining.

    HI, How to automaticly Create Chapter Marks when Joining Vob Files to Mpeg Files?? So would be much easier to Author it to DVD. Insert Chapter marks is time consuming. Thanks Antonio Souza
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    Newbie. Make a Compilation Music DVD

    Hi, I was looking fo a program like Videoredo for many years. I like to make Music DVD Compilations of my favorite Rock Concerts. I use DVD Shrink to Re-author the programs. I Like DVD Shrink, but it has a limitation. It creates Titles of the songs in a compilation, not chapters. So some DVD...
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