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    Create DVD issues

    Thank you so much for your work. Most of the DVD issues were solved now. To my understanding, there is one problem still there not yet being fixed with v809b. The problem is that when DVD ready to be authored, if instead, choose queue to batch, and launch from batch manager and run, the queue...
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    Question before Purchasing

    Thank you for your response in this regard, and I exactly refer to the resulted DVD with menu being not playable. Ok I simulate as follow: The first problem regarding authoring DVD existed in the 4) 1) Launch V6-801a 2) Drag mpg video files into the application and select Add to DVD 3) Pull...
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    Question before Purchasing

    Are you sure you are ready for V6 to be released, as the basic function for mpg vidoe wrapping as DVD with menu has not been solved v6-801. V6 is just not doing as the V5 do. V5 creat a DVD with menu has no problem at all. Akoo
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    Minor beta bug?

    I have noticed the following issues in related to the batch manager: 1) if you send a DVD creat job to the batch manager, and it would not work that means it immediately fail although it works in real time. 2) if you launch DVD burner, then the burner drive showing funny characters or symbols...
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    Can users please test the full screen display?

    Tested on Windows 7 and 10. I love this feature, and I thank so much for your work in this regard. I think I have a minor problem for using it as a video player, while playing as it will not prevent my screen saver or power saver mode from triggering on. And I need to move the mouse once while...
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    Can people please test Unicode?

    My video files with Korean character name and Japanese name works fine, so far so good. I am very happy with the Unicode support. Once again thank you so much for this new feature. Akoo
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    Not response to the Adjust Audio

    It seems to me that V5 do not response to the Adjust Audio when editing mpg files, it will remain the original volume level. V2, V3 and V4 do not have such behavior. Akoo
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    no audio in the right track

    I have two hour long of video, for some reasons, the audio cable was broken while recording and there is no audio in the right, but left track has good audio. I wonder how do i fix this problem, I am wanting the right to have the same soound track or the left one. Any idea of suggestion?
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