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  1. VideoReDo Pro Beta: Version
  2. "Support converting EIA_608 and EIA_708" What does this do?
  3. One look&one OK in NonPro changes ALL X264s profiles to "Default"
  4. How to tell if MPG has 2:3 pulldown in VRD?
  5. Is the beta no longer available?
  6. FFmpeg muxer: error moving moov atom to start of file
  7. Bad link to pro beta
  8. dvd-mpg.mpg import reads audio very wrong. dvd-mpg.ts is ok
  9. Ad-Detective non-functional
  10. Batch is definitely iffy on processing files.
  11. 4,6 & 16 core info on Pass1&2, dvd.mpg > X264.mp4
  12. Updated Beta
  13. rendering 1080p @ 120fps